Saturday, October 31, 2015

Get Scared Stiff This Dino-ween

Hey pallies, likes Happy Dino-ween all you Dino-dudes.  Likes it has been a deeply dependable Dino-tradition here at ilovedinomartin to celebrate this Dino-holi-day by sharin' this stunnin'ly stellar Dino-lantern that likes puts the awesomeist of awesome accent on our Dino's amazin' Dino-buddahgrin!

And likes, for your total total Dino-viewin' pleasure back 'gain this Dino-ween is  that ultra ubber delightfully delightful Dino-dramady, "Scared Stiff" where our great man goes likes spookin' 'round with his greatest of great pallie Mr. Jerry Lewis. "Stiff" is such an absolute gas and our ever lovin' Dino and his ever funny partner have never ever had better chemistry then in this coolest of cool caper of scare!

So, likes Happy Dino-ween dudes and always, ever, and only keeps the lovin' focus on our most beloved Dino! Dino-spookin', DMP


blueiscoool said...

What better way to say Halloween then 'Scared Stiff', the perfect compliment to this fun filled day and night. I also enjoyed the Dino lantern, is that great or what!? Thank you my friend for this wonderful DM Halloween tradition.

Happy Halloween.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, thanks ever so much Scotty-o for you ever faithful Dino-patter. Likes we can think of nothin' better then bein' glued to our Dino and Mr. Lewis each and every Dino-ween!
Keeps lovin', keeps watchin',keeps sharin' our most beloved Dino!