Sunday, June 07, 2015

Danny G's Special HAPPY BIRTHDAY DINO Sunday Serenade!!!

Welcome Pals, welcome! Welcome one...Welcome ALL! Welcome big...Welcome small! Haha!!
What a VERY VERY special day it is, pallies! TRULY is the day that coolness came to Earth!
Gots to start today off with a GIANT... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DINO PAUL CROCETTI!!!

 I can'ts even BELIEVE our BESTEST pallie woulda been 98 swingin' years old this very Dino-day!
Man o man, mi amici...where do the years go? Wasn't it just a few days ago that Dean & the boys were headlinin' The Sands in Vegas?! ...Didn't the 3rd Matt Helm flick just come out last month?! ...Wasn't it just yesterday that we was sittin' 'round the parlor, watchin' The Dean Martin Show?!!! Hahaha!!!
Seriously though, pals..I still 'member watchin all those GREAT GREAT Martin & Lewis flicks, as a wee Dino-holic, sittin' with my family.
"Thank's for introducin' us, Pop!"
Seems like as far back as I can 'member...Dino's been there.
Maybe on TV.
Maybe on Dad's old Hi-Fi.
No matter what age I thinks of...Dean was around.
I can't even imagine him NOT bein' there!
Lets take a minute or two today, pals, to thinks 'bout the gift that Dean gave to EVERYONE ...himself.
 I grabbed us a few VERY special moments in time for today's Serenade.
Moments I'm sure we ALL cherish.
Let's take a little journey through the years with Dino...

Haha!! That's where it ALL started pals! THAT's how to get thins' SWINGIN"!!! Ha!

Take me away, Dean! Haha!!

Well pallies...that's it. The journey continues. Our journey with Dino is timeless. HE is timeless. Thanks for the GREAT GREAT memories, pal. We love you too.
 Happy Birthday from ALL of us!
See youse next year, pallie. Salute!


BlueisCoool said...

What a special day indeed, DM's birthday and what a way to celebrate it with so many great classic songs. I certainly enjoyed viewing them all! Thank you for such a special DM birthday posting my friend.

Have a wonderful week!


Danny G. said...

My pleasure pal! The LEASTEST I coulds do for such a bright light in my life. Glad youse enjoyed!