Sunday, March 01, 2015

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Just The Other Side Of Nowhere"

Welcome to March pallies! Man o man...It's been a BRUUUTALLL Winter! BUT...hang in there, pals!...With every passin' snowfall...we is gettin' closer & closer to the GLORIOUS days of Spring! Haha! Yea!!!

I know...thins' look bleak we ain't EVER gettin' through this artic freeze we trapped in. the sayin' goes..."All thins' shall pass!" Even Winter 2015! Hahaha!!!

Today's Serenade seems to fit so so PER FEC TO to this time of year & the overall scene we is dealin' with right now, pallies.
It was brought my way by none other than our FEARLESS leader of all thins' MARTIN...Dino Martin Peters himself! Great find pal!

"Just The Other Side Of Nowhere" has our Numero Uno Paisano, Dean, singin' us a somber tale 'bout a fella who seems to be a little bit homesick. OK, Maybe A LOT homesick! Ha!
 Life's journey has put him in the middle of a COLD COLD little town where the people are as CHILLY as their snowy streets!
 Guess what though, mi amici?
This LONESOME fella is pullin' himself up & outta this LONESOME town & headin' back home to HAPPY, SUNNY days ahead!
Dino does that for me too, pallies!
WHENEVER I'm feelin' a wee bit overwhelmed by this long gray season...I just throw on my bestest pal Dean...& thins' DEF I NATE LY get WARMER & BRIGHTER! I've actually seen the icicles start to melt with just a few perfectly crooned notes from our pal! Haha!!

Well ol' pals o mine...remember to stay positive...we gettin' there!
Think good thoughts...& as usual...ALWAYS keeps the  Dino & the Vino flowin'!

 I come from just the other side of nowhere to this big time lonesome town
They got a lotta ice and snow here half as cold as all the people I found
Every way I've tried to go here seems to bring me down
Seen about enough to know where I belong

I've got a mind to see the headlight
Shining on that old white line between my heart and home
Sick of spendin' Sundays wishing they were Mondays sittin' in a park alone
So give my best to anyone who's left who ever done me any lovin' way but wrong
Tell 'em that the pride of just the other side of nowhere going home

Taking nothing but to show there for these dues that I've paid
But the soul I almost sold here and the body I've been given away
Fadin' from the neon night time glow here headin' for the light of day
Just the other side of nowhere going home
Just the other side of nowhere going home 


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, thanks for your kind nod dude, but we actually found this swingin' Dino-croon my listenin' to your Dino-serenade last week and clickin' on one of the suggested vids...and we were immediately immediately smitten by this touchin' teachin' of our most beloved Dino. Keeps sharin' Dino-love though the Sunday Serenades!

BlueisCoool said...

I can't believe it is March already but spring seems a long time away.As you said "All thins' shall pass!" - how true!

I really loved this DM song and one that i have not herd before. A fitting choice.

I hope everyone has a nice week.


Always On Watch said...

Our Dino's great upbeat, pop/country sound. The style especially suited our Dino's aging pipes. Not that his pipes ever went bad. They did not! Like fine wine, his pipes developed more nuance with age.

Danny G. said...

Time flies Scotty! Soak in as much Dino as possible! Haha!!
Well said, Ms. AOW.