Thursday, March 06, 2014

Here he is! Swingin' Dean Martin as Secret Agent Matt Helm...PART IV

Hey pallies, likes welcome to our last installment, at least for the Dino-moment, of our coolest of cool, greatest of great pallie Geronimo's heroic homagin' of his and our hero Dino as swingin' spyter Matt Helm in Helmer duo, "Murder's Row."  In this last installment, Geronimo features probably our most fav moments from MR, where our Dino enters a groovy discotheque lookin' for some action when he first meets Miss Suzie Solaris (Ann-Margret) and Ann instructs our Dino in the art of disco to the sounds of none other then Dino, Desi, and Billy.

Likes loves the poses of our Dino with his ever present smoke in one hand and  smokin' gun in the other.  Our playful pallie Geronimo sure does know how to capture the swingin' spirit of our Dino as the spy guy for savin' the world!  And, likes what fun to see Geronimo include an action figure for Miss Ann-Margret....certainly no end to the poses that he coulda create of Dino and Ann enjoyin' the pleasure of each other's company.

As we draw this quartet of powerful posts from Geronimo's pad at "ONESIXWARRIORS.COM" to a close, we express our deepest of deep appreciato for all of his time, energy, and resources for recreatin' our Dino as Matt Helm.  How cool woulda it be dudes if Geronimo coulda gets Matt Helm figures mass marketed so that each and every Dino-holic, from toddlers to oldsters, coulda have their own Dino-doll to over and over retell the amazin' tales of our Dino as the Helmster.  To checks out all the action at Geronimo's place, simply clicks on the tag of these here Dino-thoughts.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Ann decides she wants to dance to the music of Dino, Desi and Billy!

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