Saturday, March 15, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I'm Not The Marrying Kind"

Welcome to the LAST Sunday Serenade of Winter 2014' pals! Yeaaaa Hooooo!!! Told youse we'd make it through...with a little bit o help from our bestest pallie, Dino! Don't matter WHAT weather hits us now pals...Spring is Spring & I says BRING IT!!!

Anyways pallies, I gots a wee dilemma for todays's Serenade. I'm not quite sure if I've done this tune before!!! It's such a FAV of mine that I simply CAN'T believe that I haven't! However...I am UNABLE to find it in my "saved" file & therefore am "assuming" that I have not.

Now this isn't necessarily a bad thin' pals. As a matter of fact...IT'S AN AWESOME THIN'!!!

I try not to repeat my Serenades, as you might have noticed. And really...with Dean's HUGE amount of GREAT GREAT recordins'...why would I??? BUT...seein' how I truly believe this to be, in my humble opinion, Dino's TRUE signature tune, it is with TRUE TRUE excitement that I gets to post this SWINGIN' little jam!!!

"I'm happy being free, no girls gonna put a rain on me!" Hahaha! Now if that ain't our Dean...I don't know WHAT is!!!

 Pals...I present to youse..."I'm Not The Marrying Kind". Enjoy!!!

I go my way alone free and easy like a rolling stone
I am strictly on my own not the marrying kind
I'm happy being free no girls gonna put a rain on me
That's how it's gotta be, not the marrying kind
I've been known to run a mile when they try to lead me down the aisle
So if you want me to stay a while don't start changing my style
It's always been my plan to stay single any way I can
I'm just a happy man, not the marrying kind
Not the marrying kind
It's always been my plan to stay single any way I can
I'm just a happy man...
Not the marrying kind... not the marrying kind
I'm not the marrying kind.


Always On Watch said...

A bit ironic in that our Dino married three times. Of course, as compared to many Hollywood stars, three marriages could be considered as few.

Great song, BTW. Nobody ever sang it better than our Dino!

Danny G. said...

No one does it like Dean Ms. AOW!!! Glad you liked!!!

Ms.Swaywithme said...

Love this one Danny G! Dino is really glowing in this video he is truly in his element! nobody can do it better than him. Sing it Dino!

Danny G. said...

Couldn't agree more Ms. Swaywithme...couldn't agree more!!!

Susan Scott said...

Please.. Dean, frank, Sammy ..are great and the likes of which we will never see again..but please get a Life!
Were you a fly on the wall in deans home? Unless you were,then please stop trying to narrate his life as if you knew him personally.
A lot of us peasants love old Hollywood sincerely and do it quietly, loving frank, dean, Clark, Stewart granger, David niven etc!
What makes you want to start a website involving these people you never knew? Sad sad sad....
I love, dean, frank, Lana, Ava, Niven, granger, mason, etc.... They all have nothing to prove....
Turn off your computer and get a life.
Nowadays it's fashionable to be a ''blogger' and comment in what has already been commented on years and years ago. You think You have. Fresh take on the subject? Well you dont.
Wake up miss smith, please wake up!