Saturday, March 15, 2014

Golf, Dean Martin & Winter.

Hey pallies, likes in many many parts of the world this has been likes a very very long and very very hard winter, but in just a few more days Spring will have sprung, at least on the calendar, and so we thoughts we better sneak at this post in these last days of winter freeze.

 Likes today we takes you to a blog that we thinks our Dino woulda  digs himself, "Golf Stinks" where stinkin' golf blogger Mr. Pete Girotto proclaims his absolute appreciato for our most most beloved Dino, while bemoanin' the absolute abundance of the white stuff this winter season.

Likes we loves it when Pete pontificates 'bout his deep, pure, and true affection for our King of Cool....."love him to death," put likes of course we knows that our lovin' of Dino leads to likes mucho life, not death!  And, likes we grooves on the way this Dino posts mixes with our Dino's own passion for the game with the little ball goin' into the hole and his perfect rendition of the wintery croon "Let It Snow."  We totally totally thrills to the knowledge that Girotto hears "that song in my head when two snowstorms smack you within a couple days of each other."  Indeed, in many parts of the Dino-globe now in winter it has been an awesome tune to croon this year.

ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. Pete Girotto for mixin' golf, snow, and our Dino together for a fun-lovin' way of gettin' his readership to grow in their personal devotion to our great great man.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of these here Dino-remarks.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Golf, Dean Martin & Winter.

snow-flag-2I grew up listening to Dean Martin and his classic “Let It Snow”…love him to death. My problem is hearing that song in my head when two snowstorms smack you within a couple days of each other. Yes Dino, the weather outside is quite frightful but shoveling that crap is bull! I’m convinced this song is meant for people that are in school, grades K-12. Snow day!
Wait. Why can’t we enjoy our snow days too? Yes, shoveling does suck big time but why not make this negative a positive? Consider the shoveling some exercise for your golf swing. After a quick bite…and a nap, break out that putting mat and those plastic practice  golf balls and turn your snowed-in castle into a word class golf course.
Once the roads have been cleared enough to drive safely, another option would be to head out to an indoor golf facility or treat yourself to some new clubs. You know, a little custom fitting like the guys at Express Golf do in the UK. I wish there was something like that closer to me.
I guess the point here is that just because the weather or winter keeps us off the course it doesn’t mean we have to forget about golf. I do have to warn you though…the old lady wasn’t too fond of me when I was standing on the couch trying to explain to her my ball is in the “sandtrap”. And to make matters worse, I was out in 3…oof!
Hit’em long…yell FORE!!!

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