Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Here he is! Swingin' Dean Martin as Secret Agent Matt Helm...PART III

Hey pallies, welcome back for Day three of our very very special sharin' of Dino-adulation from our pallie Geronimo at his pad at "ONESIXWARRIORS.COM."   Our swingin' Dino as spyster Matt Helm in "Murder's Row" is now havin' some fun swingin' with Miss Suzie Solaris played by Miss Ann-Margret in the flick.  What a pleasure seein' our most beloved Dino enjoyin' a bit of liquid libation while enjoyin' the company of Suzie.

And, then likes we see our Dino changin' from booze and a broad to a smoke and a pistol provin' that Matt Helm is very very versatile!!!! We here at ilovedinomartin simply can't get 'nough of our pallie Geronimo's hugest of huge creativity when it comes to  the Dino and Ann-Margret figures.  Likes every young Dino-addict oughta have their own set to get in the swing of the Dino-action!

"Gain, we find ourselves at a loss for the right words to express our thorough delight in Geronimo's amazin' ability to turn his passion for our Dino and his talent for creatin' these action figures into the hugest of huge homage of our King of Cool.  Stay tuned for yet 'nother day of Dino-delight courtesy of Dino-holicly devoted Geronimo.  To checks this out in it's orginal format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.
Dino-charged, DMP

Matt decides to follow this lead very intensely! He suggests that Ann slip into something more comfortable while he fixes a drink...

Seems like one thing leads to another, but this is a family picture...the next scene shows our boy smoking an "after dinner" cigarette and drawing his pistol...

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