Monday, July 04, 2011

Celebratin' Independance Day While Declarin' Dino-dependance

Hey pallies, likes Happy Independance Day to all pallies in the good ol' US of A on this Fourth Of July! Likes wanna share one of my most fav Dino-clip songs likes I knows I have shared before, but likes oh, so appro on this day of celebratin' liberty. From the classic drama flick Ada, here is our Dino playin' Bo Gillis, politician extraordinare, runnin' for governor and wooin' and cooin' the masses with his charismatic cool singin' "May The Lord Bless You Real Good."

Gotta 'fess up that I have never seen Ada as it is one Dino-flick yet to be released to the general masses...but likes oh how I yearn to see our beloved Dino in what musta be one of his most classic screen roles. The notion of any state or for that matter nation bein' dependant on our Dino for runnin' the action....likes how amazin' wonderful likes woulda that be pallies....'cause while we live in a nation founded on Independace, I gladly proclaim my likes total total Dino-dependance!

Enjoys celebratin' with parades,sparkles, some liquid libations and, likes of course, mucho Dino o'pallies of mine! Dino-dependently, DMP

May The Lord Bless You Real Good Bo Gillis


Always On Watch said...

I wonder if Steubenville had a July 4th parade?

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, that's a good Dino-wonder Miss AOW...don't know but likes if they can't get a parade up every year for Dino-fest, likes I doubt they can do it for the Fourth of July...nows likes if our Dino showed up..I'm sure they'd have a parade each and every time our beloved Dino came to town! Keeps lovin' our Dino!