Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dinoamore Dinomonth presents "Just In Time"

Hey pallies, likes it's the beginnin' of DINOAMORE DINOMONTH at ilovedinomartin and all true Dinoholics knows likes that THERE IS NO ONE MORE AMORE THEN OUR DINO AND NO ONE SINGS AMORE LIKES OUR GREAT MAN. On February 14 we celebrate of the great Dinocelebrations of every Dinoyear. Well this year ilovedinomartin will be featurin' our Dino singin' AMORE songs every single Dinoday of Dinoamore Dinomonth. Will be tryin' to Dinofeature as many as possible of the Dinotunes from our Dino's great new release "AMORE."

Todays we begin with the first cut on the new Dinoalbum....."Just In Time" with a stellar Dinoclip from musical "Bells Are Ringing" starrin' our Dino and Miss Judy Holliday from which the Dinosong is taken. Our Dino and Miss Judy have such great chemistry in this flick and this is the showpiece number from this adaptation of the broadway musical of the same tagg. How wish the makers of this film were to have chosen our great man to play the leadin' man....just wishes our Dino had had more opportunities to star on the big screen in musical comedy.

And, "Just In Time" is a great way to kick off Dinoamore month 'cause for those of us who loves our Dino, we know that Dino came into each of our lives 'just in time' 'and changed our lonely lives that lucky day.' So sits backs pallies and loves on our Dino singin' "Just In Time." Dinolovin' Dinoever, DMP


Keith said...

Hey pallie DMP. Wow! This is just a cool idea. You came up with a really awesome plan for this month. I can't wait to see all the clips you post. I really like this one. Dino definitely came just in time to turn this world into a cool and swingin' place for all of us. Cheers!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, man likes thanks for your Dinoencouragement...but likes can't take any credit for it...likes totally Dinoinspired for Dinosure....will be lookin' forward to your Dinopatter for each of the Dinoamore Dinomonth Dinoposts...