Sunday, January 06, 2019

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "June In January"

Hey, pals...Can I asks youse a question?

 Is it cold 'nough for youse "chilly-weather-lovin" Dino-holics, yet?!

Oh well, mi's January...get's used to it for a bit.
Actually...hasn't been too bad, though.
 Some days are cold...some days are nice!

 Crazy Winter so far!

 Gots me comin' & goin'!

Wish Ol' Mother Nature would just make up her mind & get through these frosty covered days!

 The good news is, my Spring countdown is in FULL Dino-gear...& 'cordin' to my calculations...we gots ONLY 73 COOL COOL days to go!


I know...I know!
 Sounds like FOREVER!
 But...time flies, pallies!
 Before we knows it...the blue birds will be singin' & Springtime days will be swingin'!

 OK pals...with WARM thoughts in mind...let's gets to today's Serenade!

 I, once 'gain, went back to Dean's "Winter Romance" al b um,  for this one!
Well...why wouldn't I?!!!
 It's wintery magic set to vinyl, mi amici!

 Let's imagine we is sittin' on some warm tropic sands, my friends.
 Cool Summer breezes blowin' & the last thin' on our minds is icy days & snowin'!

Now THAT'S a nice thought, pallies!

 I thinks youse might have figured out...exactly where I'm goin' with this one, my friends.
A little "June In January" is what we ALL can use right 'bout now!

Well, mi's time for me to scram.
 Got's places to go...& peeps to meet.

Actually...I just wanna get to this swoonin' croon of a tune!

 Oh, & btw, pals...I'm wonderin' WHERE our fearless leader, DMP, is too!

 I'm just gonna keep doin' what I do...& hopin' he's comin' back soon.

OK... Stay warm pals...only 73 days to go!


Eds Epistle said...

Always June in January when you listen to Dino in January pallie.
Especially when you's live in Florida....

Danny G. said...

Yes sir, Ed my pal! Dino-love is NOT controlled by the weather!