Sunday, January 27, 2019

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Things We Did Last Summer"

Ciao, mi amici!

 Welcome, one & all...guys & gals...dames & dudes!

 How's my Dino-peeps doin' this week?

Hopefully GREAT!

 Thins' 'round here ain't too bad!
Weathers been decent.

Days are usually cold.

 BUT...wee bit, by wee bit, gettin' longer!

We is slowly creepin' towards warmer days, my friends!

 I know...I'm jumpin' the gun here, pals.
 But...we is 1/3 the ways through Winter...& I'm already gettin' Spring fever!!

Youse too?
 I bet!

So,'s what I'm thinkin'. A "chilled-out" & "cooly-mellow" Dino-jam, for this week's Serenade.
 Somethin' relaxin' help us through our pilgrimage to sunny days.

 I is also wantin' to do a "crossover" type of Serenade...that will lead us into February.

A tune that will transition Dino's wintery coolness into a "pre-Dino-Amore Month" vibe!
 Are youse feelin' me, pallies?!

We need somethin' to just kick-back to.
 Maybe with a friend...maybe solo...with a glass of vino.

Either way, pallies...I'm feelin' a, "The Things We Did Last Summer", vibe, today.

Gonna reach for Dean's "A Winter Romance" al b last time, mi amici.
Youse still with me?!

 Nothin' better to do on these chilly kinda days...than hang with Dino...& just drift away.

Take my advice with this one, ol' friends o' mine!
 Nothins' more peaceful.

 OK, pallies.
We'll set our sights on warmer days & a month-long journey through Dean's MOST romantico jams!

Can't wait!!!



Unknown said...

Great Dino-tune any time of year Danny!!
Makes me yearn for summer pallie!

Danny G. said...

I hear ya', pallie! Bring it on!

Always On Watch said...

Such a great tune for this time of year. We are in the deep freeze! But our Dino's voice warms us.

BlueisCoool said...

A wonderful and sweet sounding post Danny G., the perfect mid winter song. We are almost into February, the days are slowly getting longer and it won't be long before they are getting warmer as well. There is a lot to be positive about this winter!

Have a great week.