Sunday, January 13, 2019

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "It Won't Cool Off"

Hey there, pals o mine!

What's up?

 How's all thins' big & small?
So So?
Could be worse?
Could be better? too, pallies.

 'Round my neck o' the seems to be pretty calm.
Real mellow.
A bit slow, actually.

 Thinks I better heat thins' up a bit!

 Hey pals...youse know me.

Got Dino in my veins & a restless soul to boot!
 Yesssss, mam!

Well what's a Dino-diggin' fella to the middle of January?!

 Too cold to go out...too bored to sit in!

Man o man...I'm goin' stir-crazy!

 Not even any snow to build me a Dino-fied snowman!
A pal to hang out with.
 Have a drink with & talk all thins' Dino!

 O boy...I'm daydreamin' 'bout talkin' to snowmen now!

 I must be flippin' my Dino-jammin' wig for sure this time, pals!

 I'm out there!
Waaaayyyy out there!
 Haha!!'s a crazy Winter we is havin' , mi amici.
From freezin' to nice... Sunshine to ice!

What's the deal?!

O well. Hey, pallies...guess what?
Not a problem.

Whether it's hot or cold...rainin', snowin', or windy winds are blowin'...we got Dean to keep us just right!
He'll get us through these strange days of Winter & help keep our eyes on the prize!
To just enjoy life!
Spring is comin'!

 Likes I always says...Dino's there for us through the good times & the bad... happy days & sad!

 Now if Dean can help us deal with those times...he's SURE to keep life flowin' through a wee bit o' boredom!

How's 'bout some "It Won't Cool Off" for today's Serenade?
Sounds good to me, pallies o mine!

 II's a PERFECT jam to shake off those "hum-drum" vibes & get's our blood pumpin' & jumpin'!

 O & by the way, my friends...our pal amongst Dino-diggin' pals, Ed...might be addin' some cool cool bloggin' to our site!
 He's got some ideas & wants to keep this AWESOME Dino-rockin' blog hummin'!

So look forward to that...say a prayer for the return of DMP...& ALWAYS keep the Dino & the vino flowin'!!!



BlueisCoool said...

The mid way point of January has arrived already and it would seem old man winter has been pretty good for a lot of people, esp in New England. And of course Danny G. has found the perfect song to celebrate. There is no one better to take the lead then dear ole Dean Martin. Let us hope things continue the way they have gone but as most people know in New England you are never far from a snow storm. Just remember it won't be all that long before you can escape the house and enjoy that spring sunshine!

Have a great week.


Unknown said...

Love this song Danny!!

Danny G. said...

You & me both, pallie! Glad youse dug!

Always On Watch said...

What female can cool off when Dino is crooning? Certainly not I!