Tuesday, June 05, 2012

But Dean Martin had a great repartee with us.

Hey pallies, likes I simply simply craves more and more first hand Dino-encounters...youse knows where real livin' pallies have real life encounters with our most beloved Dino. Likes gotta 'nother great Dino-tale for all you dudes this very day featurin' that outstandin' actor himself, Mr. Joe Pesci.

From the on-line pages of "The Las Vegas Sun," from the pen of Mr. John Katsilometes
comes a bit of a interview with Mr. Pesci who was in 'Vegas-baby-'Vegas to lend support for the "Breath of Life Celebrity Golf Classic." Anywho, Katsilometes caught up with Pesci doin' a bit of free lance bartendin' and ask him to relate just one 'Vegas tale....and amazin'ly as you will see below, it's Joe's first in-the-flesh encounter with our great man.

It was the Sands 1964 and Joe, age 21, was in our Dino's playground celebratin' his honeymoon with wife numero uno. Gotta lets you all read Mr. Pesci's retellin' of bein' in the iconic presence of our Dino for yourself...but gotta say pallies this is just so so cool!

ilovedinomartin thanks Mr. Katsilometes for askin' the quiry that got Pesci doin' his Dino-reflectin' and for the folks at the "Las Vegas Sun" for puttin' this in print for the whole Dino-world to read. To view the whole prose, simply click on the tag of this here Dino-message. Never ever grows tired of hearin' others speak of the wonder and awe of bein' in the presence of our Dino! Dino-always, only, and ever, DMP

Joe Pesci remembers his own honeymoon in Vegas — meeting the Rat Pack

By John Katsilometes

Monday, June 4, 2012 | 1:44 p.m.

“Ah, I don’t do interviews, really, Johnny,” he said, setting down the carefully mixed cocktail. “I am very bad at this, especially after a martini.”

The man who won an Academy Award for 1990's "Goodfellas" did say that: Johnny.

So I asked for just one tale. A first or favorite visit to Vegas, maybe? He paused and said, “OK.”

Pesci was just 21 when he met the Rat Pack. Two Rat Packers, actually.

“I was a young man, and it was the first time I got married. I’ve been married three times, but I’ll never forget my first trip as a young man, on my honeymoon, with my new wife,” Pesci says at the end of the celebrity pairings party at Milano Ballroom at Caesars Palace for the Breath of Life Celebrity Golf Classic. “We were both very young, it was very exciting. We got to meet Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, and it was really very sweet.”

This was at the Sands, in 1964.

“I was 21, and my bride was 18 or 19,” said Pesci, now 69. “Sinatra, he didn’t say much. But Dean Martin had a great repartee with us. He called my wife Little Miss Polka Dots because she had a polka-dot dress on. So she fell in love with Dean Martin, like a lot of women did. It was a lot of fun, a lot of fun.”


Always On Watch said...

Great find!

I didn't know that Pesci had met our Dino.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes yup Miss AOW, I was thrilled when our Dino lead me to this great retellin' of Pesci's Dino-encounter...simply can't get 'nough of pallies sharin' their meetin's with our most beloved Dino. Keeps lovin' our Dino!