Tuesday, July 18, 2017

There’s nothing saying that a little Dean Martin couldn’t go a long way towards giving the film a different sound that might enhance the experience.

Hey pallies, likes we continue to be awesomely amazed by the many and varied ways that our most beloved Dino continues to be lifted up on the ol' world wide web day in and day out.  Today we are perfectly pleased to stop with all youse Dino-holics at the blog pad "TVOM," which stands for TV OVER MIND."  From a blogger tagged "WAKE" comes the post tagged " The Best Uses of Dean Martin Songs in Movies."

Likes we are absolutely awed by the fantastic fact that more and more of our Dino's coolest of cool croons continue to be included in the swank soundtracks of many of today's fabulous flicks and in this pleasant post scriber "WAKE" lifts up 5 different Dino-croons bein' featured in 5 different "films that are still in circulation or have just recently come out."  Likes pallies we have just celebrated the 100th anniversary of our Dino's descent to earth and it's been over 20 years since our Dino departed our planet, but the transformin' power of our Dino continues to be shared in so so many big screen efforts and certainly bringin' more and more of today's youth into the Dino-fold.

We thanks the pallies at "TVOM" and in particular "WAKE" for this intriguin' incredibly insightful Dino-feature makin' clear that the Dino-light is glowin' more and more Dino-bright on the big screen, which, of course, likes makes our Dino-hearts more and more full of Dino-happiness!  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.

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 The Best Uses of Dean Martin Songs in Movies Wake  July 16, 2017

It’s amazing to think that Dean Martin, born Dino Crocetti, came up in such a hard manner. He was a boxer, a steel mill worker, and even worked in a casino. He teamed up with Jerry Lewis at one point and the pair made about 16 movies together in 11 years. After their split it was assumed the Dean wouldn’t really go anywhere with his career but he proved everyone wrong when he went even further into his acting and into his music. His golden pipes could be heard virtually everywhere, be it TV or film, and eventually he became something of a household name.

Dean Martin’s music can be heard even today in several films that are still in circulation or have just recently come out.

5. You I Love – Sandy Wexler

It’s pretty common to hear classic rock from the 1960’s and 70’s in Sandler’s films but maybe it’s a sign that he’s maturing when you can begin to hear older classics from such performers as Dean Martin. It might simply allude to the fact that the character of Sandy Wexler is a little more old-fashioned and isn’t as into the rock scene, but once again, maybe that’s just Sandler finally growing up a little more.

4. Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

This seems like kind of an odd selection to put into a Mission Impossible soundtrack, but it kind of makes sense. Mission Impossible is a classic show, and has featured a wide variety of music in the film and on its soundtracks since it became a hit movie series. There’s nothing saying that a little Dean Martin couldn’t go a long way towards giving the film a different sound that might enhance the experience.

3. That’s Amore – Bridget Jones’ Baby

Maybe it’s a little too much amore. We’ve all seen Bridget Jones before in film, and quite honestly we know the woman’s not so lonely that she can’t find a date. The trouble she gets herself into in this film has more to do with the fact that she found a way to stave of loneliness, but it also managed to insure that she wouldn’t ever be alone again. How in the world would you handle a situation in which you had no idea who was the father of your child?

2. Grazie, Prego, Scusi – Old Dogs

One day you meet up with the woman of your dreams again and you think that life couldn’t have taken a luckier turn. And then it drops that she has kids. And then she informs you that the kids are yours. Need we go on? Yes we do because the funny doesn’t stop there. Add into this equation that your life is in no way equipped to handle children at this moment and you’ve got at least an inkling of what direction things might be headed.

1. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Four Christmases

What’s more hectic, Christmas with the family, or four Christmases with four different families? Oy, if this was what the holidays was truly like with split families it would be no wonder that a couple would seek to avoid them all and head out of town without telling them.

There are numerous films out there with Dean Martin’s sweet voice still crooning to heighten whatever scene the song is attached to.  Thankfully he had the kind of voice that most people don’t want to forget.


Danny G. said...

The Dino-movement is in full swing, pal! It's only growin' stronger EVERY day! Dean will never die as long as ALL thins' Dino continue to be shared from generation to generation! Excitin'!!!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, that the Dino-spirit dude! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only Dino!

Mabel Ƥιηєѕ said...

It's nice to know that Dean Martin's music still remains popular. Btw, my younger brother once watched a DVD of epiosdes from the TV series 'The Flash', I heard Dean Martin's croon of 'Let it snow' and I immediately rushed out of my room just because of Dean Martin's croon. Yup, 'The Flash' is one of those modern media that uses Dean's music.

Dean Martin's songs have been used in a number of video games, movies and TV shows. I love how modern media is introducing a younger audience to Dean Martin and some other famous vintage singers. It can be annoying to go to YouTube vids of Dean's music and read comments of people listening to his songs because of video games or a show (and not because Dean IS awesome), but if modern media can introduce young people to awesome music, then I guess it's fine.

Danny G. said...

Youse is Sooooo right, Mabel! Whatever it takes! As long as the Dino-vibe is bein' spread!