Sunday, January 22, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "The Things We Did Last Summer"

Welcome, one & all...guys & gals...dames & dudes!
How's my Dino-peeps doin' this week?
Hopefully GREAT!

Thins' 'round here ain't too bad!
Weathers been decent.
Days are, wee bit by wee bit, gettin' longer!

We is slowly creepin' towards warmer days, my friends!
I know...I'm jumpin' the gun here, pals. But...we is 1/3 the ways through Winter...& I'm already gettin' Spring fever!! Haha!!
Youse too?
I bet!

Hey, pallies...did youse happen to catch the Dino-vibe at the Inauguration Ball, Friday night?!

I guess our new Prez. is into our main man!
They had a fella on stage  singin' Dean & Franky tunes, before the Trumps made their arrival.

Cool to hear our pal's songs at such a PRESTIGIOUS event!
Not to mention...their first dance was to Franky's "My Way".
Cool stuff, pals!

Anyways...back to the matter at hand...GETTIN' THROUGH WINTER!!! Ha!

I'm feelin' a "chilled-out" & "cooly-mellow" Dino-jam, for this week's Serenade.

Somethin' to help us through our pilgrimage to sunny days!

A tune to kick-back into our lazy chair with.

Maybe with a friend...maybe solo with a glass of vino.

Either way, pallies...I'm feelin' a, "The Things We Did Last Summer", vibe, today.

Are youse with me, mi amici?
Nothin' better to do on these gray, nippy days...than hang out with Dino...& just drift away.

Take my advice with this one, ol' friends o' mine!

Let Dean be your co-pilot & set sail to warm & sunny days.


The boat rides we would take
The moonlight on the lake
The way we danced and hummed our favorite song
The things we did last summer
I'll remember all winter long

The midway and the fun
The kewpie doll we won
The bell I rang to prove that I was strong
The things we did last summer
I'll remember all winter long

The early morning hike
The rented tandem bike
The lunches that we used to pack
We never could explain that sudden summer rain
The looks we got when we got back

The leaves begin to fade like promises we made
How could a love that seemed so right go wrong
That things we did last summer
I'll remember all winter long
I'll remember all winter long.


Unknown said...

Amen Brother Danny! Wonderful Dino-tune, beckoning back to soft summer nights and all things remembered Paly!

Danny G. said...

I'm with you Ed my pal!