Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Since We Met You Dino, We Are Different Dudes

Dean Martin Since I Met You Baby 2 min 44 sec  9:1:83  Red Car

Hey pallies, likes it is finally here, "The Day That Coolness Came To Earth"....the 99th anniversary of our Dino's descent to the earth.  It was on June 7, 1917 that our most beloved Dino entered the world in Stubenville, Ohio, and the world has never ever been the same 'gain.

So, likes what have we chosen to share with all youse Dino-devotees on this most swankly special of special Dino-days?  Below is a youtube vid that we have been waitin'  with bated  breathe for months
to put up here at ilovedinomartin.  In one sense it is a Dino-vid that we shared more often then any other here, but likes in 'nother sense it is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW to our humble little Dino-conclave.

Dean Martin Since I Met You Baby 2 min 44 sec  9:1:83  Red Car

The vid is, of course, our one and only Dino's one and only music vid, "Since I Met You Baby," directed by his youngest boypallie Ricci James  in '83 and aired on MTV.  But, this is a bit different version that landed on the web September 23, 2015 and as we sez, we have been waitin' in absolute anticipation for many many months now to share it on "The Day That Coolness Came To Earth."

Likes wonderin' it you note the wonderful way this ver-si-on differents from previous ones put up here at ilovedinomartin.  Yes, for one thin' the colorin' of this vid is much much more vivid that previous ones....and likes that's oh so so special...but there is 'nother dif as well...check it out and see what you thinks dudes!

Indeed, those of us who are totally totally sold out to our Dino knows that once our Dino entered our life, whether it was as a wee one, as a Deanager, or perhaps later in life....our lives will never ever be the same 'gain.   Happy 99th Birthday Anniversary to our King of Cool. and likes we are ultra ubber grateful for your powerfully potent presence in our lives!   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Dean Martin Since I Met You Baby 2 min 44 sec 9:1:83 Red Car


Always On Watch said...


But our Dino is forever young to me. Certainly his soul was young -- until the loss of Dean Paul, that is.

Danny G. said...

Hey pal o mine...totally cool cool pic for this totally cool cool day! Loves that jam & LOVES the new version vid! Def noticed a different take on it. The beginnin' for sure shows more Dino & eliminated the still shot of his classic tux...& the infamous red dot. I thinks certain shots were in different order too. I'm thinkin' it sounds a wee bit slower as well. Either way...very cool! Thanks for sharin' on this day of coolness!!!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, we are in total total agreement with youse...hope you are havin' a very very special Dino-celebration of this most important day in the life and times of our most beloved Dino! Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, cool to see you have noticed the differences in this very very vibrant version of our most beloved Dino's one and only music vid on this most special of Dino-days. Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our most beloved Dino!

BlueisCoool said...

Ninety Nine years young, it really is an amazing moment in history. Thank you DMP for all you do in keeping the Dean Martin flame burning as bright today as it ever was!