Sunday, June 26, 2016

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I Know I Can't Forget"

Hey pallies.
 Feelin' blue, my friends.
 Don't know what's goin' on with our pal of pals, DMP!
 Its been since June 7th, Dean's Birthday, that we've heard from out fearless leader!
Where did he go?!
 Is he OK?!
 Cants stop thinkin' 'bout it!
I'm still hopin' & prayin' that this is a "temporary situation".

 We gots to stay positive, pals.
Hate to bring youse down. I'm just worried 'bout him.
 Well...I guess we'll have to carry the Dino-torch for him! Keep the flame STRONG & BRIGHT!
That's the purpose of our blog & man o man...that's what we is gonna do! Ha!

Picked a mellow...somber type Dino tune for this week's Serenade, pallies. Just seemed to fit this mood I'm in.
Hopes it soothes youse like it does me.

Keep DMP's mission flowin' & growin', mi amici!
We owe him that.
 Stay Dino-focused & DEF I NATE LY Dino-positive!
 Ciao for now!


There were other loves before I found you
And I wish sometimes that we had never met
For life without you darling can never be the same
For having loved you once I can't forget (Forget)

I remember all your smiles and laughter (And laughter)
I remember love light shining in your eyes
And though I only had you for just a little while
When you were there the whole world seemed so right

(All) I remember these things through bitter tears
(All) The touch of your hand in mine
(All) And though you're not here through the lonely years
With memories of you I'll never be the alone

There'll maybe other arms to soothe my sadness
There will be other loves that I have never met
But life without you darling can never be the same
For having loved you once I can't forget you

(For life without you darling can never be the same)
For having loved you once
(For having loved you once)
I can't
(I can't)
(I know I can't I can't forget)


BlueisCoool said...

A very sweet sounding song but a bit sad as well. I think this is a powerful song that seems perfect at this time esp because of recent events. A very special person is on my mind and others at this time, our very own DMP. We all are keeping him in our thoughts and prayers and hope the very best for him. Thank you Danny G. for your continued hard work in keeping Dean Martins memory alive and well for all of us.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy week.


Always On Watch said...

It is indeed a somber time with DMP not posting here.

But our Dino devotion continues!