Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Keepin' the Dino-ball rollin'! "You Can't Love 'Em All"

 Hasn't posted since last week & I haven't received a response to my emails.
Don't know what's goin' on, mi amici.
If any of youse has heard anythin'...please shoot me an email at  

Well, in the meantime, pallies...let's stay positive that DMP has just a temporary situation & will be back soon!
Let's keep this blog rollin' with some great great Dino-croonin'! See youse Sunday!

[Dean] Hello doll
[Girl 1] Hello doll
[Dean] Eight?
[Girl 1] Date
[Dean] Hello doll
[Girl 2] Hello doll
[Dean] Ten?
[Girl 2] Amen
[Dean] Hello doll
[Girl 3] Hello doll
[Dean] Twelve?
[Girl 3] Twelve-fifteen
[Dean] Bye bye
[Girls] Hello Doll

You can't love 'em all
You can't love 'em all
Love may be wonderful but the chances are small
You can't land each one that passes by
But you can try
You can try
You can try

You can't kiss 'em all
Oh, you can't kiss them all
The ones who have tried have found that they're not quite that tall
They'll call you an optimistic dope
Oh, you can hope
You can hope
You can hope

They've been able to prove
There are mountains you can move
They've been able to show
There's a way to make rain and snow
But you simply can't love 'em all
No you can't love 'em all
'cause one day that one gal will catch your eye
And you'll know why
You'll know why
You will know why

'cause one day that one chick will make you sigh
And you'll know why
Yeah, you'll know why
You'll know why you can't love 'em all

Hello doll

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Always On Watch said...

DMP is not around?

I don't recall his ever being gone this long before. Without an explanation, that is.