Saturday, January 03, 2015

Ray Price's Widow Reflects on Marriage, Music and Dean Martin Showdown

Hey pallies, likes today's post appeared likes all over the web just a couple of days shy of Dino-winter-day, and likes in our desire to stay likes totally dedicated to rememberin' our Dino's passin' from our presence, we have postponed sharin' this with all youse Dino-philes 'til this Dino-day.  From the "country" page of  the web home of "RollingStone" comes part of an interview that the mag writer Mr. Joseph Hudak  did with Miss Janie Price," widow of country music legend Mr. Ray Price.

When we first read the tag of the interview, " Ray Price's Widow Reflects on Marriage, Music and Dean Martin Showdown," we thought likes the prose was gonna cast our Dino in a less then stellar light, and likes, of course, we were preparin' to defend our Dino to the nth degree!  Well, likes as you will read the prose below, you will see that there was no "showdown" with our Dino, but somewhat  with the producers of the Dino-show.

And, likes as far as we can tell, our great great man had absolutely no problemo whatsoever wearin' a cowboy hat and proppin' his feet on bales of hay while singin' with  Mr. Price.  Actually to our Dino-way of thinkin' this is the sorta thin' that our Dino woulda totally totally gotten into.  Indeed, we thinks this particular Dino-tale simply simply shows how easy goin' and fun lovin' that our Dino was!

We thanks Mr. Joseph Hudak and the pallies at "RollingStone" for sharin' this heartwarmin' Dino remembrance with their readership.  To read the whole interview, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-awed, DMP

Ray Price's Widow Reflects on Marriage, Music and Dean Martin Showdown

BY JOSEPH HUDAK | December 23, 2014

Dean Martin and Ray Price appear on Martin's Comedy Hour in 1973. (Photo: NBC/NBCUniversal)

Ray lived his life like a soldier. He never attacked anyone, he always respected people, but he never relinquished his ground."

Even to Dean Martin. When the producers of the entertainer's variety show asked Price to perform in a cowboy costume against a set of hay bales, he balked, challenging Martin himself to come out and play dress-up.

"Ray said, 'I don't wear hats. You go and get Dean Martin and if he will wear the hat and sit on this bale of hay with me, I'll do it,'" Janie remembers. In the end, Martin rose to the occasion and joined the defiant Texan on the bales. "They propped their feet up on the bales of hay — Ray didn't do it by himself," Janie says, satisfied.


Danny G. said...

That's our pal! Easy goin' & ALWAYS aimin' to please!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o...that's our most beloved Dino...always showin' what's important in livin' the cool cool life! Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!