Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete Collection: $134.95

Hey pallies, likes nots to often does ilovedinomartin direct pallies to any given site to make your Dino-purchases, and indeed we highly believe in givin' local merchants a shot at gettin' youse your Dino-treasure, but likes when we found this amazin' price on the complete collection of the Dino-roasts from Time-Life StarVista, we felt led to at least share this info here at our humble little Dinopad.

As you will note below, at least at this Dino-time Amazon has the 24 disc set that includes all the roasts and tons of extras, normally retailin' for 250 bucks for only $134.95 that likes 'bout $50 less then we were able to recently purchase it.

We woulda highlight that we are thrilled to finally own this massive massive Dino-treasure and are thrilled to be able to view the roasts.  But, we gotta 'fess up that our biggest delight is in all the extra hours 'specially the featurettes created just for this special packagin'.  We hopes to share mores 'bout that in the near Dino-future, but likes we wanna gets this info out asap for any pallies still waitin' to make this Dino-purchase.

Likes as you all knows, internet prices are likely to change at whim, so if any of youse Dino-philes ain't got your hot little hands on this set, you may just wanna does so very very soon at this remarkable sale price.  To checks this out where we found it, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.   Dino-sharin', DMP

Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete Collection
Dean Martin (Actor), Time Life (Director)  Rated: NR (Not Rated) Format: DVD

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BlueisCoool said...

Talk about a great collection - this is a must have for the true DM fan!

Have a great week.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Scotty-o, likes dude you are right on the money man... Thanks so much for the patter, and keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!