Sunday, January 11, 2015

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Who's Sorry Now?"

 Welcome back pallies! Cold 'nough for youse "chilly-weather-lovin" Dino-holics?! Man!!! -10!!! Now THAT'S Cold!!!
 Oh well's January...get's used to it for a bit.

The good news is, I've started my Spring countdown & 'cordin' to my calculations...we gots ONLY 68 COOL COOL days to go! Ahhhhhh!!!
I know! I know! Sounds like FOREVER! But...time flies, pallies! Before we knows it...the blue birds will be singin' & Springtime days will be swingin'! 

OK pals...with WARM thoughts in mind...let's gets to today's Serenade! I went waaaaayyyyy back for this one! Back to Dean's Capital Records days in the early 1950's.
"Who's Sorry Now?" is such a FRESH FRESH song of "Oh well, I told youse so", that I couldn't refuse it! Haha! Sweet revenge! Ha! Just havin' fun here pals...all done in fun!
I thinks we ALL felt this way 'bout someone through the years. I'll be honest...I HAVE! Haha! The grass ISN'T always greener, is it? Guess we all live & learn, pallies.

 Now, although this fun fun jam was made a hit by the great great Connie Francis...there's NO DENYIN' that Dean adds a pinch of his OWN flavor & REALLY makes it SWING!
 I knows I'm bein' a WEE bit biased here pals, but....Doesn't EVERYTHIN' sound better with a PINCH of Dino?! Hahaha! Yes mam!!!

Well mi's time for me to scram.
Got's places to go...peoples to meet. Actually...I just wanna get to this swoonin' croon of a tune! Haha!

 Stay warm pals...68 days to go! 

Who's sorry now? Who's sorry now?
Who's heart is aching for breaking each vow?
Who's sad and blue? Who's crying too?
Just like I cried over you
Right to the end just like a friend
I tried to warn you somehow
You had your way now you must pay
And I'm glad that you're sorry now
Right to the end just like a friend
I tried to warn you somehow
You had your way now you must pay
I'm glad that you're sorry now
So glad that you're sorry now


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, likes we knows that Dino-holics are likes never ever sorry when we gets are Dino-cravin's satisfied!!!!! Thanks 'gain for helpin' to feed our Dino-addiction with this swingin' Dino-croon! Keeps lovin', keeps sharin' our most beloved Dino!

blueiscoool said...

What a wonderful song my friend - thank you for posting this one on a cold winters day.

I for one can't wait till we get rid old man winter and welcome spring back. I am glad someone is keep track till warmer days drive.

Have a great week.


Danny G. said...

My pleasure pal!