Saturday, January 25, 2014

DEAN MARTIN – 1968 – Comedy Routine - "A Real Inside Job"

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-devotion 'gain falls into that category of short and sweet.  From the blog, "FUNNY GIGGLES" comes one of our mostest of most all time fav Dino-sketches from our great great man's great great show.

It's the time when our Dino is put into a magician's box by some of the Golddiggers who likes then puts in five----count 'em----five swords as our Dino makes faces as only our most beloved Dino can.  And, likes then when they let's him out and gives his some water to drink.....he starts leakin' like a sieve from all over his Dino makes with the wise cracks....."A real inside job."

Enjoys the Dino-magic pallies, and likes ilovedinomartin thanks our pallies at "FUNNY GIGGLES" for spreadin' some Dino-love at their blog pad.  Ain't it likes the greatest to know dudes that all sorts of different ways, in all sorts of different web sites, our Dino is bein' shared, truly truly helpin' tons and tons of new pallies to be welcomed into our Dino's world and make true true Dino-holics!  To view this in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-lovin', DMP

DEAN MARTIN – 1968 – Comedy Routine

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