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"..... but Dean Martin is in many ways an even better ideal image to strive for, as I see it."

 Hey pallies likes all youse Dino-philes knows , we here at our humble little Dino-home likes 'specially loves puttin' the accent on Dino-devotion a la internationale likes 'cause it is just so so refreshin' to find pallies all 'round the globe who just can't ever ever gets 'nough of our most beloved Dino.  Today ilovedinomartin blazes new Dino-territory with a post from Sweden....likes don't thinks we have ever ever before shared Dino-passion from there 'though we know that there musta be likes tons of Dino-devotees in the "Land of the Midnight Sun."

Today we vist with the blog, "upphopp," which translates into English as "mounting behavior."  That's where our newest pallie Mr. Olof  Röhlander hangs his hat.   Accordin' to his bio, Röhlander is a "licensed mental trainer, certified coach and has background as an elite player in tennis.  He has worked as a mental coach for the Swedist Table Tennis National Team and Örgryte Football but works since several years back as an inpiration and a lecturer of approximately 200 corporate events and conferences each year"

And, likes who is inspirational speaker Mr. Röhlander's  inspiration?  Likes you gots it pallies....none other then our inspirin' Dino.  The tag of his blog post likes  sez it all dudes....."Therefore, Dean Martin, one of my role models."  And likes as far as we are concerned Olof is absolutely positively right on the Dino-mark!!!!!

Likes we totally totally digs this particular phrase from his Dino-prose, and likes, of course, it is how we decided to tag this post.  Röhlander proudly and boldly sez, "Those of you who know me know that I dig Sinatra, but Dean Martin is in many ways an even better ideal image to strive for, as I see it.  And, likes we here at ilovedinomartin coulda 'gree more with Olof's Dino-proclamation!!!!

Also likes we totally digs that Röhlander  began his Dino-devotion back in middle school, truly a true true  turnin' point for all youth startin' to make important decisions 'bout the path they are goin' to follow in life and very very coolly Olof states, "I started listening to Dean Martin back in middle school.   His voice, charisma and laid back attitude to life made me even then that will love life."  Can't get a much more powerful testimony then that 'bout the immeasurable influence that our most beloved Dino has had on this dude's life!

ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. Olof   Röhlander  for openly and affirmin'ly  sharin' his deep devotion to our Dino, certainly helpin' many of his readership to gets more and more of 'em inspired themselves by our great great man.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Truly truly marvelous to find talented pallies all 'round the globe gettin' turned on to our Dino as role model par excellente!  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP  btw, likes  pallies please note that Mr. Röhlander has included the youtube vid of Biography Channel of our Dino.....long outta print...and wonderful to knows it is 'gin available on the ol' web.


This painting of The Rat Pack sitting up in our kitchen. Had I had the opportunity I would liked to have had the original, so much does it for me.

Those of you who know me know that I dig Sinatra, but Dean Martin is in many ways an even better ideal image to strive for, as I see it. Sure, he had weaknesses that were less admirable, but he had that profession to have fun  - and it was noticeable. Desire and pleasure as starting points for their work, it's brilliant! I try to have it too, but Dean took it to a whole other level.

When Frank Sinatra at one point been nervous before a show Dean had whispered to her friend next door: Why is Frank so nervous, it's just a song!

I started listening to Dean Martin back in middle school. His voice, charisma and laid back attitude to life made me even then that will love life!

Därför är Dean Martin en av mina förebilder
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Den här tavlan på The Rat Pack sitter uppe i vårt kök. Hade jag haft möjlighet skulle jag velat haft originalet, så pass mycket betyder den för mig.

Ni som känner mig vet att jag diggar Sinatra, men Dean Martin är på flera sätt en ännu bättre idealbild att sträva emot, som jag ser det. Säkert hade han svagheter som var mindre beundransvärda, men han hade som yrke att ha roligt - och det märktes. Lust och glädje som utgångspunkter för sitt arbete, det är strålande! Jag försöker ha det också, men Dean tog det till en helt annan nivå.

När Frank Sinatra vid ett tillfälle varit nervös inför en show hade Dean viskat till sin vän bredvid: Varför är Frank så nervös, det är ju bara sång!

Jag började lyssna till Dean Martin redan på mellanstadiet. Hans röst, utstrålning och avspända livsinställning fick mig redan då att vilja älska livet!

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Danny G. said...

This is one wise fella ;)

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, ain't that the Dino-truth 'citin' that more and more pallies all 'round the universe are turnin' to our Dino as role model par extraordinare! Keeps lovin', keeps followin' our most most beloved Dino!