Sunday, November 25, 2012

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Kiss the World Goodbye"

Hey pals...welcome back! Been waitin' "Oh sooo long" for this tune to find it's way into the wonderful world of Youtube! We jump back to Dean's 1972 al b um, "Dino", to grab hold of this one. "Kiss the World Goodbye" has always hit a nerve with me pals. I think we ALL feel a little down on ourselves...once in a while. I guess even our great great pal has his off days as well.

Now I can only speculate as to why Dean was feelin' so so low this particular day. Maybe Jeannie told him there was ab so lute ly no possible WAY he had nuff' time to get in his morning round of golfin'...maybe his bestest pallie, Frankie, called & said they just missed out on Happy Hour down at the local waterin' hole...or maybe even somethin' as simple as runnin' outta smokes!!! Who knows???

Anyway...Dean obviously lifted his spirits somehow. Nothins' ever THAT bad pallies! Tomorrows always a new day. Things will pass. Let's believe it will be many many moons til' ANY of us need to kiss this great great world "Goodbye!"

I never had no regrets boys not for nothin' I've done
I owed the devil some debts boys paid 'em all up but one
And I don't even regret the livin' that I'll be leaving behind
I've gotten weary of searching for something I couldn't find

I'm going down to the shade by the river one more time
And feel the breeze on my face before I die
I'm gonna leave whatever's left of my luck for the losers
And then bend down kiss the world goodbye

Come to lucky-in-lovin' I never had no complains
They never said I was evil but then I wasn't no saint
I'm just a river that rolled forever and never got to the sea
I just ain't blamin' nobody I had it coming to me

I'm going down to the shade...
I never had no regrets boys...

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Kylie said...

This is a big favourite of mine, I`ve loved this from the first time I heard it, such a sad song.
One that only Dean could give that special magic too.
I`m singing this in my head as I write, great song :)