Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Dean Martin Medley [short]

Hey pallies, likes the world is simply chocked full of Dino-wanna-be pallies...and dudes emulatin' our most beloved Dino are in huge supply....and youtube is got more then their fair share of guys workin' on their Dino-croonin' skills...so likes ilovedinomartin usually doesn't put the accent on such, 'cause likes if we did, we woulda have times or space to share anythin' else.

But today when I found our pallies at google 'lertin' me to youtube to view a clip tagged "My Dean Martin Medley [short] for some reason my curiosity likes got 'roused and I went to checks it out. And, likes dudes I was so so moved by the obvious deep, pure, and true devotion of this young dude earnestly doin' his very best to sing likes our Dino, that likes I simply had to post it here to encourage this nouveau hipster in his devotion to our Dino.

This youngen is obviously a true true Deanager. His tag is Michael DiPrima, his age 18, and he hails from somewhere in this ol' US of A. In the vid clip Michael does acapella ver-si-ons of the Dino-classics, "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" and "King Of The Road...and likes you can just feel how Dino-hearted this dude is pallies!

So kudos to Deanager Michael DiPrima for sharin' his passion for our great man in this great way...deeply demonstratin' that tons of today's youth are deeply diggin' our King of Cool likes to the max. Keeps up your efforts in the cause of Dino Mr. DiPrima and keeps lovin' our Dino! Dino-always, ever, and only.

My Dean Martin Medley [short]
by Michael DiPrima

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