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It’s John Wayne, Dean Martin, and an all-star cast in 02:01:39 of widescreen western glory!

Hey pallies, likes we all knows how much our Dino loves him a western, and our most beloved Dino indeed did star in a passel of shoot-'em-ups on the big screen, and today we share an unusual, but very informative review of one of the best of the lot, our Dino and the Duke in the 1965 classic, "The Sons of Katie Elder."

From the self-tagged blog, "Joe Torcivia's The Issue At Hand Blog, Mr. Torcivia shares a mega 'mount of awesome screen shots from the flick as well great pixs of the various posters used in promotin' this big screen epic. Mr. Joe also uses a potpourri of methods to review the film....commentary, actual dialogue from the film, pros and cons, and more....makin' for a very usual, but rewardin' look at one of our Dino and the Duke's best efforts.

ilovedinomartin sez our appreciato to Mr. Joe Torcivia for his unique and insightful look at "The Sons of Katie Elder"...'specially for some great screen shots of our great man. To view this in it's original format, just clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram. Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

DVD Review:The Sons of Katie Elder (1965)

The Sons of Katie Elder (1965)

(Released: 2011 by CBS Paramount Home Entertainment)
Another looong DVD Review by Joe Torcivia

SUMMARY: Respect your “Elders”… Or, there must be an easier way to honor your mother, that doesn’t involve gunshot wounds and jail time!

“Texas is a woman she [Katie Elder] used to say... A big, wild, beautiful woman. You get a kid raised-up to where he’s got some size… and there’s TEXAS, whisperin’ in his ear, smilin’, sayin’ ‘come on out with me, an’ have some fun’. It’s hard enough to raise children ANY place, she’d say, but if ya gotta fight TEXAS… a mother hasn’t a chance!”

It’s the late 1890s, and Katie Elder is dead. So dead, in fact, that she never appears in the film. Her four distinctly different sons, previously scattered to the four distinctly different winds, have returned to Clearwater, Texas for the funeral.

John Elder (John Wayne): A gunfighter and, as you would expect, one of the best.

'Nuff said!

Tom Elder (Dean Martin): A gambler and, when necessary, a con artist. Though the biggest con-job of all might very well be convincing the viewers that John Wayne and Dean Martin could actually be BROTHERS… from the same set of parents. (At least BONANZA’S Little Joe, Adam, and Hoss Cartwright had different mothers!)

Dean Martin scams Strother Martin!

Matt Elder (Earl Holliman): Er, Um… Well, I don’t think we ever find out exactly WHAT Matt does. He’s more of the “quiet type”, you know.

So, what DO you do, Matt?

Bud Elder (Michael Anderson, Jr.): The “baby” of the family, and the one Katie wanted to see go to college. Unfortunately, Bud hates college, and wants to be a gunfighter like his big brother John. …Unfortunately, that is, for poor, pestered John.

"Bud-dy the Kid?

Even more unfortunately, for ALL the Elder Boys, during their absence, their previously-dead drunken father “Bass” gambled and lost the Elder Family Ranch (under suspicious circumstances) to rich, corrupt, and villainous gunsmith Morgan Hastings (James Gregory) and his somewhat reluctant son Dave (Dennis Hopper).

It's Hastings! Boooo!

After Bass’ death, from being shot in the back just after losing the ranch, Katie lived a life of poverty – in a shack pretty much “donated” by the local banker (…Imagine a banker with a HEART!), and looked after by some of the townspeople. In particular, a young lady named Mary Gordon (Martha Hyer), who runs a local boarding house.

An additional “guest” in town for the funeral is “Curley” (George Kennedy), another gunfighter of considerable note, hired by Morgan Hastings to keep John Elder at bay.

The Sons investigate these suspicious events, are framed for killing a sheriff, have lots of fist and gun fights… and everything else you’d expect to happen “When John Wayne Comes Back To Town”!

In one respect or another, ALL John Wayne westerns have something great to recommend, and “The Sons of Katie Elder” is no exception.

Beyond the usual action, and bad guys getting their comeuppance, we have the marvelous interaction among the Sons.

The Sons observe the former Elder Family Ranch, now in the possession of Hastings…

MATT: “Boy, everything sure has changed, hasn’t it? Remember when we used to fool around on that big ol’ barn?”

BUD: “Hey, Tom… I was only a kid the time you fell from the loft an’ broke your leg.”

TOM: “You weren’t even born yet! Besides, I didn’t fall… I was PUSHED! Somebody always kept PUSHING me out of that loft!”

JOHN: “That’s ‘cause you BOUNCED so good! Everybody in the family kept BRAGGING about how good you BOUNCED!”

The Sons discuss a monument for Katie…

MATT: “Listen, I’ve been thinking about somethin’. I think we ought to get a NICE STONE for her grave. I mean a BIG stone with some nice WRITIN’ on it. What ‘cha call a… a…”

BUD: “A monument! You think so, John?”

JOHN: “I believe she’d LIKE a monument.”

TOM: “Why spend MONEY for a hunk of STONE?”

MATT: “Because she LIKED it here, and people liked HER! Now, it seems to me there ought to be something to remember her by, right?”

BUD: “The Ritters got their mother a MARBLE ANGEL, with her finger pointing.” (Gestures UP, toward Heaven.)

TOM: “At WHO?”

BUD: “NOBODY! Pointing UP… like THIS! (Gestures again.)

MATT: “All right, then… a MARBLE ANGEL!”

TOM: “Does it HAVE to be an ANGEL? I don’t have too much IN COMMON with ANGELS!”

BUD: “Besides, take the Ritters’ angel… Some kid shot her FINGER off – an’ after that, it just looks like she’s SHAKIN’ her FIST!”

MATT: “How ‘bout a LAMB? A marble lamb!”

TOM: “How about a HORSE?”


MATT: “For a GRAVE?!”

TOM: “Well, Ma LOVED horses!”

MATT: “Well, she didn’t love ‘em THAT much! How’d you like to have a HORSE on top ‘o you for the rest of eternity?!”

…How do you not love stuff like this!

Also, unofficially, this may be where the “Older John Wayne” begins (He would have been approximately 57-58)… the John Wayne of such ‘60s and ‘70s films as “The War Wagon”, “True Grit”, “The Train Robbers”, “Big Jake”, “The Cowboys”, “Rooster Cogburn”, and “The Shootist” – the “John Wayne” I like best!

As is our custom in these reviews, we’ll break it into CONS and PROS.


Extra Features: John Wayne films tend to be either "Feast or Famine" in the area of DVD Extra Features. Some sport an embarrassment of riches, like “True Grit”, “The High and the Mighty”, "Stagecoach", "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance", and “The Cowboys”. We’ll be getting to those last three someday.

Others, such as “Big Jake” (reviewed HERE) and “Red River” (also coming someday), inexplicably offer not even a TRAILER!

As I've often expressed, my standard for a movie DVD's Extra Features is the inclusion of a theatrical trailer for the film, a commentary track, and "making-of" or background featurette. At least “The Sons of Katie Elder” offers a Theatrical Trailer.


The Film: It’s John Wayne, Dean Martin, and an all-star cast in 02:01:39 of widescreen western glory! The kind of visual “glory” that sixties TV could not match, even as it moved into full-color.

This is WHY you went to the movies. (…Or, maybe it was to be in the dark with your gal – who knows!) In the coming years, Hollywood films would enjoy increased liberation in language, subject matter and the like, but “The Sons of Katie Elder” is still more reflective of those good old ‘50s values we know and love.

I'll Drink to those Values!

Picture Quality: The picture quality of this “Standard Definition” release is simply great on a widescreen HD TV. It’s the real “widescreen” and not “letterbox”, as was another Wayne favorite of the period “The War Wagon” (1967). I notice that a number of John Wayne films are now receiving Blu-ray releases – darn the luck, not long after I began stocking-up on the SDs. But, if all SDs looked as great as this one, there’d be no need to “double-dip”!

The Cast:

· John Wayne as “John Elder”.

· Dean Martin as “Tom Elder”.

· Earl Holliman as “Matt Elder”.

· Michael Anderson, Jr. as “Bud Elder”

· Martha Hyer as “Mary Gordon”.

· James Gregory as “Morgan Hastings”

· George Kennedy as “Curley”.

· Jeremy Slate as “Ben Latta”.

· Dennis Hopper as “Dave Hastings”.

There’s also a passel of supporting players not only notable for western roles – but for various appearances in Irwin Allen’s Sci-Fi TV shows of the period (talk about “cross-over appeal” for me):

Paul Fix as “Sheriff Billy Wilson”. Longtime John Wayne supporting player in such films as “Red River”, “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon”, “The High and the Mighty” and many more – as well as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and The Time Tunnel.

Paul Fix

James Westerfield as “Banker Vennar”. Also in “True Grit” as well as Lost in Space and The Time Tunnel.

James Westerfield

Strother Martin as a patsy, scammed by Dean Martin’s Tom Elder. Best known for “Cool Hand Luke” and was one of my most favorite guest stars on Lost in Space: “…a Suuu-per Nooo-va!”.

Strother Martin (at right): Pass the Cosmonium!

Percy Helton: Nervous, short, high-pitched, older actor – also appeared in Land of the Giants “Ghost Town”, one of that series best.

Percy Helton

All this adds up to one great big treat of a film for a Western / ‘60s Sci-Fi fan like me!

The Extra Feature (Singular): Theatrical Trailer for “The Sons of Katie Elder”: (03:13)

…How I wish I could have written some of these!

Cue the usual on-screen hype:

TEXT: "From the four winds they came... Four brothers... Their eyes smoking and their fingers itching!" [ JOE’S NOTE: Have they considered eye-wash and soap? …Just sayin’!] “Four Brothers… sworn to right whatever wrongs still raged!”

Hal Wallis’ production of “The Sons of Katie Elder” in Technicolor and Panavision.

[We get lots of action scenes – both rollicking and deadly – over a western music score.]

“Starring John Wayne, Dean Martin, Michael Anderson, Jr., Earl Holliman, …and Martha Hyer as Mary Gordon” – who delivers the “Texas” quote that opens this review.

VOICE OVER: “The Sons of Katie Elder: Led by Big John – The eldest, the gunslinger, the toughest! [ JOE’S NOTE: No Sheep, Sherlock! …It IS John Wayne, ya know! ]

"Tom – The gambler, who would play any game at any odds.

"Matt – The quiet one, the dangerous one.

"Bud – The Kid who had to be taught what it means to be an Elder – and a man.

"Mary – The woman who tried the impossible, taming The Sons of Katie Elder!

“The Sons of Katie Elder – set up for paid deputies who put them in chains, before they dared to kill them in ambush!”

TEXT: "Four brothers who met gunfure with gunfire! In the fighting tradition of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral! The Sons of Katie Elder!”

See the Movie! Read the Comic!


Directed by Henry Hathaway (later of “True Grit”), “The Sons of Katie Elder” is a film you can’t help but enjoy – if you crave your entertainment Western Style. Its star power is undeniable – and the role players shine just as brightly as the greats.

In its tone, it is more evocative of sixties television, than films would soon be – yet there is a grandeur in its visual scope (Cinemascope? Panavision?) to remind you of what the Big Screen then did far better than the small screen. When “The Movies” was still an exciting place to go – and different from what you got at home.

The lack of Extra Features for this set is unfortunate. John Wayne’s films deserve better treatment than this! Some are done well, but why not ALL of them?

“The Sons of Katie Elder” is recommended for fans of John Wayne, Dean Martin, the Western film genre, and the mid-sixties era of entertainment in general


Always On Watch said...

The Sons of Katie Elder is my favorite of our Dino's Westerns, in part because it was the first of his Westerns that I saw.

And the music!

Elmer Bernstein! Great soundtrack!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, how very cool to know that this particular western is your Dino-fav...and yes, Bernstein soundtrack is brilliant...likes our Dino! Keeps lovin' our Dino!

Joe Torcivia said...

Thanks for both the kind words and the extra exposure on your great Blog.

I really enjoyed watching the film, writing the review – and reading your flattering appreciation of same!

In the late ‘60s / early ‘70s, Thursday was my favorite night of TV… with Ironside, Dragnet, and good ol’ Dino! …That’s when NBC REALLY WAS “Must See TV”!

Joe Torcivia said...

Thanks for both the kind words and the extra exposure on your great Blog.

I really enjoyed watching the film, writing the review – and reading your flattering appreciation of same!

In the late ‘60s / early ‘70s, Thursday was my favorite night of TV… with Ironside, Dragnet, and good ol’ Dino! …That’s when NBC REALLY WAS “Must See TV”!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Mr. Joe, no problemo man....'round dese parts we simply calls it showin' true Dino-palliedom. Cool to know that loves our Dino likes all us pallies do. Keeps lovin' our Dino and likes hopes you will review more of our most beloved Dino's big screen efforts.

Kylie said...

This is a great review, also one of my favourite Dean Martin westerns.
Thinking about it, it is hard to believe Dean and John Wayne played brothers, the same with Dean and James Stewart in Bandolero.
Both are great movies :)

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss Ky, how kind of you to drop by and leaves some's been a very long time since you've made your presence known. Please send greetin's to you fam and our Deanager Levi. Hope to hear more from you soon, and above all else, keeps lovin' our Dino!

Kylie said...

Hi Dean :)
I often look in on your wonderful blog and enjoy reading all the articles about Dean.
And always hoping for some news about any further Time Life releases.
We`ve just had winter and I guess you could say I hibernate during winter and spend less time on the computer and more time at night watching Dean on T.V. by the heater, lol
Our weather is starting to warm up a little, I know you`ve had a very hot summer.
I think Levi is coming to visit tomorrow.
I don`t see as much of him now as he has a good job and has been taking driving lessons in his spare time.
I recently bought season 7 of Rawhide, just for the Canliss episode.
The quality is great and I think watching it, my old poor copy had a few scenes missing so it`s great to finally see it complete.
Keep up the great work :)
Hugs and Kisses
from Kylie xxxoooxxx

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes nice to have you drop some more patter Miss Ky. Cool to know that you are as Dino-devoted as ever, and that you gots your hands on the original Canliss episode as part of that Season 7. When you sees our Deanager Levi, please give him a hey for me...and does hope that you both will say in regular communicato with ilovedinomartin. Keeps lovin' our Dino!