Friday, December 30, 2011

Celebratin' Dino-eve with our Dino and his Pallies!

Hey pallies, likes Dino-winter-month is almost to an end and blends so so coolly into Dino-eve. Today ilovedinomartin shares a couple of totally cool, hip, and oh so randy vid clips from the Dino-show that put the accent on our Dino's partyin' on Dino-eve. Likes who better to celebrate the endin' of the ol' year and the comin' of the new then our swingin' Dino! These clips have been shared here before, but they certainly will continue to puts all us pallies into a Dino-eve-mood.

The first clip has our great man and his pallie Frank, along with Miss Ruth Buzzi and the Golddiggers puttin' on a radio programme for New Years Eve. My fav seg of this particular clip comes early when Sinatra brings our Dino to the microphone introducin' Dino sayin' "...."And, now staggerin' up to the microphone, direct from the three month tour of his wine cellar, the baritone of the breweries, Mr. Blinky Tomlin"....and our Dino begins sings the ditty "The Object Of My Affections," usin' all the hip movements that he is known for.

Up next Frank has been throwin' a NYE party in his hotel suite, where 87 chicks and only two pounds of potato salad have gathered with Sinatra and Martin handlin' the food and females. As Sinatra and our Dino retire to Frank's bedroom they uncover Miss Ruth Buzzi a bit tipsy from an abundance of liquid refreshments. Great fun entails as Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Martin try to rid themselves of the buzzed Buzzi.

So, likes sit backs and enjoy these classic moments from the Dino-show and let the Dino-eve partyin' begins! Dino-lovin', DMP


Danny G. said...

Now thats entertainment! Whatever happened to the good ol' days? Man do I wish I was there now. Thanks for sharin' pallie!

Danny G.

Always On Watch said...

I too posted some Dino music for this New Year's Eve. A different selection on my part.

Happy New Year to all Dino fans!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes gotta 'gree with you Danny-o, and that's exactly why we needs our most beloved Dino more then ever...have the coolest of cool Dino-eves as you keeps lovin' our Dino!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, that's a great tune by our most beloved Dino and Frank that you have posted...bestest of best Dino-eve's as you keeps lovin' our Dino!