Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Barbara Sinatra's Memoir Honors Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes today we takes a wee break from puttin' the accent on our most beloved Dino playin' Matt Helm in order to turn the reins of ilovedinomartin over to our Dino-centric politico-centric pallie Miss AOW. Likes Miss AOW has created a excellent post featurin' some of Barbara Sinatra's Dino-memories found in her bio,
"Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank."

Likes gotta 'fess up that until Miss AOW sent this our way, I had never even heard of this new volume, but now with Miss AOW sharin' this teaser with us, I knows that I simply must get my hands on this tome to glean all Miss Barbara has to speak 'bout "dear Dean." I stays so so Dino-focused that I am delighted to have such a Dino-devoted pallie as Miss AOW puttin' me and all the ilovedinomartin readership onto this auxilary Dino-educational resource.

It is always always such a pleasure to have Dino-focused pallies likes our great pallie Miss AOW contributin' their time and talents to the Dino-cause of ilovedinomartin, and we sez our heartfelt Dino-thanks for each and every Dino-effort she has made here (and will in the future) to lift up the life, the times, and the legacy of our most beloved Dino...helpin' more and more pallies grow in their deep, pure, and true devotion to our Dino.

To view Miss AOW's politico blog efforts, just click on her "by Always On Watch" that begins here Dino-reflections. Dino-learnin', DMP

Dino fans will likely enjoy Barbara Sinatra's recently released book Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank.

Yes, the book is mostly about Frank Sinatra. However, there are many references to our Dino. The book is also well indexed, so one doesn't have to read through the entire volume of 400 pages to glean some gems about our Dino, to whom Barbara Sinatra refers as "dear Dean."

Barbara Sinatra rightly points out how much joy our Dino brought to their lives. He could always make Frank Sinatra laugh, and Frank Sinatra deeply missed our Dino when he departed this life. In fact, Frank Sinatra was so overcome with grief upon the passing of our Dino that attending the funeral was impossible; Barbara Sinatra attended the service in her husband's place. From this source (I have confirmed that the information is in the book):
...When longtime Rat Pack pal Dean Martin died on Christmas Day 1995, Sina­tra was so devastated that he couldn’t bring himself to at­tend the funeral.

“He said Dean was ‘like the air I breathe, always there, always close by,’” Barbara writes....
The book costs $24.99 at Amazon. This reader-friendly memoir is also available through most large public-library systems.

The photo below, taken in 1988, is not in the book, but makes a good way to end this essay because the photo shows that our Dino and Frank Sinatra were such good pallies both on and off the stage [source of photo]:


Always On Watch said...

I range far and wide looking for gems about our Dino -- gems that may be "buried" until unearthed.

Research is my strong suit.

Thank you for posting my little book review, DMP. It's a pleasure and a privilege to honor our Dino!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, the pleasure is all mine Miss AOW..and please, please Dino-research away...will always have space for any Dino-gems your find! Keeps lovin' our Dino!