Monday, November 15, 2010

Dean Martin – Always Gentle On My Mind

Hey pallies, so so sorry to have missed Dino-postin' last few...includin' a "Sunday Serenade With Dino," but likes our great pallie Otto at Otto has made up for it likes with his postin' of a true Dino-classic, "Gentle On My Mind." Likes I have sez it before and likes I will sez it 'gain....our Dino sings this better then any other singer...includin' Glen Campbell of likes made it famous.

Truly, our Dino is always, always on this Dino-holic's mind, and likes always, always in the most gently coolest of Dino-ways...oh Dino what you have done to me!

Just watch as our Dino puts his whole self into this performance....not only does it accent each and every syllable he croons, but likes looks pallies at how his hands and body moves to the meanin's of each and every word...our Dino is the ultimate in entertainin'!

And, likes I loves the Dino-patter after...likes, likes this here Dino-gem...sayin' 'bout himself...."Oh yeah, oh this kid sings good...this kid sings too good for one guy....they oughta split his tonsils and divide 'em between Simon and Garfunkel." Likes who besides our Dino coulda sez a funny likes that...just makin' me loves our Dino all the Dino-more!

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to our pallie, Otto Bruno, a true lover of all thin's Dino, for sharin' this Dino-vid with his readers...and likes here is a reprise of a true Dino-tale that first lets me know that Otto was a true Dino-devotee...a small portion of Mr. Bruno's Dino-trib on our great man's birthday this very Dino-year...Otto writes......

"I remember one particular Friday evening when I was down the street in the vacant lot where we kids used to play baseball, football and other assorted games. My friends and I were in the very late innings of a tight baseball game. All of a sudden I remembered what night it was and yelled out “What time is it?” My friend Dean (who was actually named after Dean Martin – I swear it!) answered “It’s ten to nine.” “Oh my God,” I replied. “I gotta go. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I ran home with their angry cries of disbelief echoing in my ears. I ran into the house, up the stairs, took the fastest shower in history and was downstairs in front of the television just as the picture of the MGM Grand flashed up on the tiny screen."

Loves the way Bruno shares his deep and pure and true Dino-devotion.....and likes to view Otto's most recent Dino-post in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram.

Dean Martin – Always Gentle On My Mind
November 15th, 2010 | Classic Television

Haven’t posted any Dino in a while. I always liked this song and this particular arrangement. And what a great show this must have been – Dean and Zero Muscatel!

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