Friday, January 22, 2010

Dino: Dean Martin

Hey pallies, sure by now you knows how Dino-psyched I gets when I find 'nother pallie comin' to true Dino-appreciato....younger guys and gals, oldsters and every possible age inbetween....there is just nothin' quite likes discoverin' 'nother pallie discoverin' our Dino....comin' to know, love, and honor our King of Cool.

But, if I am completely Dino-honest with ya, gotta 'fess up that there is somethin' particularly special to this Dino-phile 'bout findin' one of today's youth who gets hooked on our Dino....becomin' a true Dean-ager in Dino-speak.

So, it is with a special Dino-kind of Dino-'citement that I share today's Dino-post with ya. It's written by a young lady named Kayla Caryl at her cool blog "Elphie Girl<3."

As you will read below this youngen' is likes totally smitten with our Dino and his music is to honor our great man is plannin' to sing a Dino-tune for a talent show at her school. How cool is it to find 'nother Dean-ager in the rank and file of Dino-devottes?!??!?!

So, why am I so moved by findin' 'nother of today's youth seekin' out our Dino....I thinks it 'cause it is a true Dino-sign that our Dino will be known, loved, and honored forever....for as each new gen comes to Dino-love they will keep our Dino's light shinin' Elphie Girl states "Dino the Man Forever!."

I applaud Elphie Girl for openly speakin' of her Dino-devotion and will be waitin' to see if she posts more on the Dino-tune that she selects for the variety show. To read her blog in it's orginal format, as always, just clicks on the title of this Dino-post.

Since Elphie Girl speaks of always singin' country, thoughts I would share with her and all you pallies, our Dino singin' some country on the Dino-show with Miss Loretta Lynn and Mr. Tom T. Hall....enjoys Miss Elphie and all you Dino-holics outta there.... Dino-hooked, DMP

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dino: Dean Martin

DEAN MARTIN!! Dean Martin has to have one of the most AMAZING voices EVER!!! He is a musical GENIUS!! I don't know there is just something about him!! I just love love love love his music... so I think I am going to sing a song of his for our variety show... I think that will be amazing!! Not as amazing as him... not even close lol... but that is something totally different from country.. which I like always sing!! ALWAYS!! Because my dad can play country... so he plays while I sing... but I think this will add a variety to the variety show!! ((haha))... so I think I may... I just still don't know which I will sing... he's got so many good ones... it is so hard to pick which exactly I am going to do!!... I may ask Mr. L tomorrow at my lesson, but I'd like to kinda know by tomorrow... so we can start looking for the music!! I really really want to start working on it.. like uberly duberly bad... I just don't want to sound bad... anywho... I think I am gonna sign off!!

Dino the Man Forever!!!

<3 :D :P
Posted by Kayla Caryl at 5:33 PM

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