Sunday, July 02, 2017

Danny G's SPECIAL 4th O' July Sunday Serenade with Dino: "American Medley"

Welcome back, my Yankee-doodlin'...Dino-diggin', pals!

Happy 4th o' July weekend!

Man! What a COOL COOL time!

We's just wrapped up a swingin' month honorin' the Day Coolness Came to Earth & now we's is jumpin' right into the honorin' of our GREAT GREAT country...the jammin' ol' U.S. o' A.!

Wowee, pallies!
This has been the GREATEST kick off to Summer, here at our humble little blog, that I can 'member!

We've had a NON-STOP influx of Centennial Celebrational postins' from our fearless leader, DMP...& some VERY cool "on the spot insight" postins' , from our coolest of the cool Dino-brother, Ed!
Straight from the birthplace of our Numero Uno Paisano, Dino!

Dosen't get better than that, my friends!

This is gonna be one SWINGIN' Summer, pallies!

Now seein' how this is a special weekend for this GREAT GREAT country...I thought I'd pick a vid that's a wee bit out o' the ordinary, for our Serenade.

 It's the endin' minutes of Dean's show...1960 somethin'...& the mood is TOTALLY in the celebratin' of July 4th.
Kate Smith, & other great entertainers of the day, help Dino sign off in style!

Let's join them for the fun, pallies!

Raise the flag!

Raise a toast!

Here's to our GREAT GREAT country & our GREAT GREAT pal, Dino!

God bless them both!

Happy 4th, mi amici!


Mabel Ƥιηєѕ said...

I'm not American, but happy July 4th in advance!

Eds Epistle said...

What a patriotic Dino segment Danny! Top shelf!!

Danny G. said...

Thanks pal! God bless America & God bless Dino!

blueiscoool said...

I really can't believe it is the fourth of July weekend already, this summer seems to be marching full speed ahead. With the fourth of July almost here you managed a perfect Sunday serenade Danny G., an all star cast with Dino leading the patriot charge. I was very surprised to see Kate Smith here as well, I have herd of her but don't remember ever seeing her, an amazing voice for sure!

A wonderful choice this week my friend!

Have a nice week.


Always On Watch said...

Perfect for this 4th of July Weekend! Our patriotic Dino, who, as a son of Steubenville, dearly loved the United States of America.

Happy Independence Day to all here at I Love Dino Martin, the best Dino site on the web!

Danny G. said...

Thanks Mabel Pines & Scotty, my pals! Happy 4th to ALL!!!