Saturday, January 14, 2017

Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin Westchester NY 5-77 on DVD

Hey pallies, likes have we got great news for all youse Dino-holics!!!!!  Likes after finishin' up the patter from  yester-Dino-day's Dino-devotion sharin' Miss AOW's find of our Dino's powerful portion of the live recordin' of our Dino and Mr. Sinatra sharin' the stage of the Westchester Stage in New York in May of 1977, we decided to do a bit of google searchin' to see what else might be out there on the ol' world wide web related to this fabulous Dino-event.

Likes what we found is a pad tagged "Maximum Sound  -  For those hard to find concerts" that has a DVD recordin' of this awesomely acclaimed hugely historic coolest of cool concert and the price is a mere 12 bucks, and regular shippin' in the ol' USA is included in the price.  As you will note below, the pallies at "Maximum Sound" share that the  "quality is about 7/10 (has a watermark at the bottom throughout)."  So, likes it ain't perfect pallies, but to be able to get these glorious 65 minutes of Dino-glory 'long with Mr. Sinatra, at this price is absolutely amazin'!

Below is the set list for both our most beloved Dino, Mr. Sinatra and the croons they do together.  We are sorry that we ain't able to share the image of the DVD cover from this sight 'cause it can't be copied, so instead we share the image we discovered for yesterday's post.  Likes to checks this out in it's original source and place your order, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters


Maximum Sound
For those hard to find concerts

Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin Westchester NY 5-77 on DVD

Your Price: $12.00
Part Number:7061

Decent quality Pro-shot broadcast recording of Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin, recorded live at the Westchester Premier Theater, in Tarrytown, NY on during a May 1977 series of shows.  DVD has a total running time of 65 minutes.   Quality is about 7/10 (has a watermark at the bottom throughout),   and setlist is as follows:

Dean Martin:
When you're drinking
Bad bad Leroy brown
Welcome to my world
That's amore

Frank Sinatra:
For once in my life
I love my wife
It was a very good year
One for my baby
My way

Frank & Dean

This region-free DVD-R is in NTSC format and will play on most Gaming consoles and DVD Players made since 2000, and comes in a FULL SIZE DVD case (US orders only), with cover art and track listing.
US First class shipping is FREE!  US Priority shipping on this item is $5.00. International shipping is now FREE for just the COVER INSERT AND DISK.  NO hard case is shipped for international orders.  This is due to drastic increases in postage costs for anything that requires a customs form.  Disk and cover can be shipped as a letter and should be delivered without customs inspection delays.
Credit card payment or Money order ships in the next shipment within 2-3 days.  Currently shipping orders 3 times a week.


Danny G. said...

Wow! Is it too late for stockin' stuffers?!!! Haha!! Great gift!

Eds Epistle said...

Just knowing this exists is great!