Sunday, February 01, 2015

Danny G's Special Dino-Amore Month Sunday Serenade with Dino: "You Can't Love Em' All"

 Welcome back, ol' friends o mine!  Ready? OK...Let's all say it together now...Arrivederci January...HELLO DINO-AMORE MONTH!!!

We made it!  Love is in the air & it's time to inhale! Haha! Man o man...I can FEEL the Dino-vibe more than ever today, pallies...engulfin' me...takin' hold of my heart & smackin' me 'round!!!
It's got me knocked-out...cold on the floor! Dean's gonna have to throw a martini in my face to wake me this time, pals!!!  Hahaha!!!

 Hey, that's what this SPECIAL Sunday Serenade is ALL 'bout! Lettin' Dino into your heart & just floatin' with the AMORE flow!

 Let's kick this SWOONIN' celebration off with a FUN FUN croon! Now pals...though I have used this tune before...WAY back in's such a GREAT GREAT jam & SO SO perfecto to get thins' SWINGIN'...I simply could not resist it's revival for this first day of Dino-Amore Month!

 "You Can't Love Em' All", grabs hold of you from the very first "Hello Doll"! Haha!

Now I knows...Dean's the ONLY fella who could POSSIBLY love em' the song say's..."you can try!" Hahaha!!! Just kiddin' pallies. If we can ALL find just one VERY special someone...we are TRULY blessed!
OK pals...let's get the Dino & the vino flowin'!
 It's a GREAT GREAT day, mi amici ...the beginnin' of a GREAT GREAT month!
Spread the Dino-love!!!

[Dean] Hello doll
[Girl 1] Hello doll
[Dean] Eight?
[Girl 1] Date
[Dean] Hello doll
[Girl 2] Hello doll
[Dean] Ten?
[Girl 2] Amen
[Dean] Hello doll
[Girl 3] Hello doll
[Dean] Twelve?
[Girl 3] Twelve-fifteen
[Dean] Bye bye
[Girls] Hello Doll

You can't love 'em all
You can't love 'em all
Love may be wonderful but the chances are small
You can't land each one that passes by
But you can try
You can try
You can try

You can't kiss 'em all
Oh, you can't kiss them all
The ones who have tried have found that they're not quite that tall
They'll call you an optimistic dope
Oh, you can hope
You can hope
You can hope

They've been able to prove
There are mountains you can move
They've been able to show
There's a way to make rain and snow
But you simply can't love 'em all
No you can't love 'em all
'cause one day that one gal will catch your eye
And you'll know why
You'll know why
You will know why

'cause one day that one chick will make you sigh
And you'll know why
Yeah, you'll know why
You'll know why you can't love 'em all

Hello doll 


Always On Watch said...

Perfect tune for this Dino-amore month!

Amanda said...

Just a heads up for Dino-land. 'Memories are Made of This' by Deanna Martin is on sale for 1.99 for Kindles at Amazon. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but hope to soon. Here's the link:

Danny G. said...

Thanks Ms. AOW & thank you for the "heads-up" Amanda!

blueiscoool said...

What a wonderful song to ring in February. I can't belie that January has gone by so fast. February has started off on the right foot with the Patriots winning the Superbowl. Now if we can on;y get through the rest of the winter and welcome spring.

Thank you for your hard work.