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The Dean Martin Show - Celeb Roasts Full of 'Stingers and Zingers'; Plus 'Hall of Famers'!

Hey pallies, likes here at our humble little Dino-pad ilovedinomartin we simply loves! loves! loves! to share news of more and more releases of Dino-treasure.  On this eleventh day of Dino-amore-month we are deeply delighted to be able to share with you a recent Dino-report from the pallies at
""   Scriber Mr. David Lambert breaks the news that in mid-April the pallies at StarVista/Time-Life will be releasin' two new packagings of moments from "The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts."

For those Dino-holics who have purchased the Complete Collection there is nothin' new here as these new releases are part of the that complete box set first released in late 2013.  But, for those dudes who have purchases smaller sets, these releases will help 'em to complete their Dino-collections.

As reported below, the two smaller collections bein' released are (1) The Dean Martin Show - Celeb Roasts Full of 'Stingers and Zingers' and (2) 'Hall of Famers'.  All the Dino-details are below and we gives a shout out of appreciato to Mr. David Lambert and the pallies over at " for keepin' us up-to-date on the newest in the Dino-world.  Likes, to checks it out in it's original format, as usual, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

True true devotees of our Dino can never ever gets 'nough of our great man, and likes we shows our amore of our King of Cool by searchin' far and wide for more and more Dino-acquisitions!  As we more closer and closer to Dino-amore-day, keeps accentin' our Dino and showin' him more and more love!   Dino-reportin', DMP

 The Dean Martin Show - Celeb Roasts Full of 'Stingers and Zingers'; Plus 'Hall of Famers'!

2 new titles hit retail in mid-April

Posted by David Lambert

In late 2013, StarVista/Time-Life began selling The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete Collection, at first direct sales only and then a year later at general retail. Now, on April 14th, the studio is releasing - for general retail stores - two smaller collections of Roast small, and one medium-sized:

The Dean Martin Show - The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Hall of Famers (1 DVD, $12.95 SRP)

DON'T MISS OUT ON A GRAND-SLAM CELEBRITY ROAST DOUBLE-HEADER FEATURING LEGENDARY GREATS HANK AARON AND JOE GARAGIOLA! Watch Hank Get Hammered and Joe Get Jolted By an All-Star Line-up of Fellow Baseball Hall of Famers Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Stan Musial and Roasting MVP's Including Milton Berle, Rich Little, Red Buttons, Orson Welles and More! Includes Two Complete Roasts, a Bonus Roast of Evel Knievel and Nearly an Hour of Bonus Features!

As the 2015 baseball season gets underway this April, spend some time with legendary Cooperstown inductees with THE DEAN MARTIN CELEBRITY ROASTS: HALL OF FAMERS. The set features the complete roasts of two of the game's legendary players and personalities: Hank Aaron, who, for more than 30 years was baseball's home run king; and, Joe Garagiola, a talented major league catcher who was eventually inducted into the Hall of Fame as one of the game's greatest broadcasters. With a murderer's row of roasters, including fellow baseball Hall of Famers Yogi Berra (who also grew up with Garagiola), Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Stan Musial, along with a celebrated All-Star line-up of Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts MVPs including Milton Berle, Ruth Buzzi, Foster Brooks, Nipsey Russell, Rich Little, Red Buttons and Orson Welles, no base was left unturned, in these grand slam events!

With frozen rope insults, bouncing bloopers and towering zingers, THE DEAN MARTIN CELEBRITY ROASTS: HALL OF FAMERS is guaranteed to entertain well into extra innings! And priced to add to any home entertainment collection at $12.95, the single disc also includes almost an hour of bonus features such as comedy sketches from the The Dean Martin Show featuring Dean and Joey Bishop, as well as exclusive interviews with Shirley Jones, Norm Crosby and Dan Haggerty.

The Dean Martin Show - The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Stingers and Zingers (8 DVDs, $59.95 SRP)

THIS APRIL, STARVISTA ENTERTAINMENT/TIME LIFE INVITES HOME AUDIENCES BACK TO THE HALLOWED HEYDEY OF THE ROAST WITH AN 8-DISC COLLECTION FEATURING MORE THAN 20 HOURS OF UNFORGETTABLE COMEDY AND HILARIOUS HIJINKS! Features 24 Complete Roasts Including Jack Klugman & Tony Randall, Michael Landon, Carol O' Connor, Danny Thomas, Ted Knight, Redd Fox, Truman Capote, Mr. T and More, and Over Three Hours of Bonus Programming, Comedy Sketches and Exclusive Interviews.

What began as a ratings booster for the final season of The Dean Martin Show in 1973 evolved into The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, an eagerly awaited franchise of regular NBC television specials that targeted the biggest names in the world of entertainment and beyond. Roastmaster General Martin kept things loose and lively, deflecting his share of stray barbs from the guest roasters and from Bob Hope to Muhammad Ali, Johnny Carson to Lucille Ball, Gov. Ronald Reagan to Redd Foxx anybody with a thick skin and a good agent was fair game. In 1974, the show moved from Los Angeles to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas for the remainder of the run, and the 54 raucous, unforgettable roasts ran until 1984. These original, bawdy roasts hearken back to a time before acutely sensitive Network censors, and deliver home audiences directly to the dais where the cigarettes are real, the drinks are free, and the camaraderie is heartfelt.

THE DEAN MARTIN CELEBRITY ROASTS: STINGERS AND ZINGERS is an 8-disc collector's set that features 24 complete roasts, including Valerie Harper, Jack Klugman & Tony Randall, Michael Landon, Carroll O'Connor, Sen. Hubert Humphrey, Wilt Chamberlain, Danny Thomas, Ted Knight, Dan Haggerty, Mr. T, Jack Klugman, Ed McMahon, Redd Foxx, Joe Garagiola, Evel Knievel, Hank Aaron, Peter Marshall, Truman Capote, William Conrad, Monty Hall, Leo Durocher, Bobby Riggs, and Joe Namath-twice! Appearing as roasters, throwing zingers at the men and women of the hour, are Bob Hope, Ed Asner, Lucille Ball, Georgia Engel, Milton Berle, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ruth Buzzi, Sid Caesar, Foster Brooks, Charo, Howard Cosell, Angie Dickinson, Phyllis Diller, Nipsey Russell, Rich Little, Red Buttons, Audrey Meadows, Bob Newhart, Harvey Korman, Orson Welles, and many others.

Sporting over 20 gut-busting hours of non-stop stingers and zingers, the newly-packaged collection also includes more than three hours of bonus programming, with comedy sketches featuring Dean, Ruth Buzzi, Dom DeLuise, Charo, Ernest Borgnine, and others; two featurettes: "Primetime Ribbing: Roasting Small-Screen Stars" and "Sports Stars: Hit 'Em Where It Hurts," as well as exclusive interviews with Ed Asner, Norm Crosby, Rich Little, Carol Burnett, Dan Haggerty, Tom Dreesen, Jimmie Walker, Tony Danza, Shirley Jones, Rip Taylor and Jack Carter.

The Dean Martin Show - The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Hall of Famers

The Dean Martin Show - The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Hall of Famers

The Dean Martin Show - The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Stingers and Zingers

The Dean Martin Show - The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Stingers and Zingers


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