Saturday, January 18, 2014

That '67 Dino-winter-month Special

Hey pallies, likes one of our Dino-devoted pallies tagged Mellie recently puts ilovedinomartin on to the fact that that fab-u-lous of fab-u-lous Dino-shows featurin' family Martin and family Sinatra has been put up in it's entirety by a chick tagged "honeybee7700."  This is likes one of the most desired of desired episodes of the Dean Martin Show, first airrin' on the peacock network on December 21, 1967 and yet to be released to the masses on DVD.

Ain't gots no idear on long this one will last on youtube, so watch it while you can dudes.  Likes of course all us Dino-holics keeps hopin' that said episode....a classic of Dino-classics will one day find it ways into public release so we can enjoys it any ol' Dino-times that we wants.

ilovedinomartin salutes Miss "honeybee7700" for gettin' this up on youtube to the ab-so-lute pleasure of Dino-philes every-Dino-where!  And, likes we also hugely hugely  thanks our new pallie Mellie for puttin' us on to this Dino-treasure of Dino-treasures  Likes you will have to clicks on the screen to be transported to youtube where you can views it in all it's Dino-glory!   Dino-awed, DMP

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