Sunday, January 26, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Break It To Me Gently"

Welcome back ol' pallies o mine! Man o man...I'm in a "slow jam" kinda mood for today's Serenade, pals! It's gots to be REALLY cool though. REALLY smooth. And def i nate ly REALLY Jamin'!

Now I don't knows 'bout youse...but the AB SO LUTE bestest cool, smooth & jamin' type dude I knows goes by the name Dino. He's a real laid back kinda cat with a swoonin' type croon that just sends youse into outter space!

I thinks youse knows this fella REALLY well actually. He's been hangin' 'round these parts for a long long time. Just bummin' 'round. Spreadin' the Dino-truth & sharin' his precious time.

Dean's rendition of "Break It To Me Gently" seems to cover ALL the bases pals. No one does it better. Thinks it's perfecto to EASE us towards an upcomin' Dino-Amore month.
OK Pallies...let's get into "slow jam" mode. Sit back & relax. Dino is at the wheel. Let's go for a nice, easy ride. And like Dean says..."I'd like to dedicate Eddie Fisher." Hahaha! Poor Eddie. Enjoy pals.

Break it... to me gently
Let me down the easy way

If it's just for one more day
Make me feel you still love me
Break it... to me gently, so my tears, my tears won't fall to fast
If you must go then go slowly, make me love you till the last
The love we shared for oh so long is such a big part of me
If you must go take my love away take it oh gradually
Break it... to me gently
Give me time, give me time to ease the pain
Love me just a little longer, 'cause I'll never, never love again
'No I'll never, never never love again.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes indeed Danny-o what a fabulous Dino-croon to ease us into Dino-amore month likes jus a few 'way now. Might I saw that you are in supurb Dino-form with your prosin' and likes I gotta 'fess up that likes I don't thinks that I have ever heard this particular tune crooned by our most beloved Dino ever before....and I totally totally digs the slowness of the beat! Thanks so much for devotin' yourself to sharin' Dino-devotion a la the Dino-serenade each and every Dino-week...likes simply outstandin' Mr. G. Keeps lovin. our most beloved Dino!

Danny G. said...

Thanks so much pal! As always though...the pleasure & honor is TRULY all mine!