Sunday, October 23, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Make It Rain"

Hey pallies, welcome back to nother' Sunday Serenade with our Dino! This week we go to one of Dean's "country-pop" type al-b-ums "I Take Alot of Pride in What I Am".

To me, "Make it Rain", is one of Dino's more self-righteous tunes. Kind of like a song for "the common folk" he once said he liked to perform for. I bet Dean was the type of guy who considered all of us pallies equal and didn't much care for anyone who thoughts themselves better than someone else.

This jivin' little ditty really gets me pumped up & ready to take on the world! With Dean on our side pals...we CAN'T lose!!! Play this one really loud for Dino! He's always listenin'...

Make It Rain

The wealthy ones like you look down
On the common folk like me
Makin' bets to what degree of fool we are

Through your rose-colored windows
You see yourself above us
Standin' in the mud gazin' at the stars

But the rich and poor have in common
The common cold, the heartburn and the heartache
Put our pants on just the same

Your worth don't make you better, babe
'Cause I can tread water, babe
As long as you think you make it rain

While you got your raisin, girl
And your diamond-studded world
I got pulled up on the hungry side o' town

I cut my teeth on bacon rind
There ain't no hide as tough as mine
But it might be fun awhile to be your clown

So, get your whip and do your thing
And I'll run around the ring
Ride my white horse, wear my armor too

Aah, but I don't easy blister, babe
I'll be your court jester, babe
Don't think you won't pay fiddler too

Aah, I put your hand in mine
It was a shockin' time to find
The water hot, current strong, deep and wet

You had me strugglin' for a time
A draggin' on your line
But never fear, this fish will never swim

While you're playin' with my mind
I'll be payin' with your money, honey
As long as your account can stand the drain

I'll fan the flame and make it hotter
'Cause I think I can walk on water
As long as you can make it rain

Aww, I'll hang around awhile
Study your style
Come out a whole lot wiser man indeed

'Cause last time anyone as grand
As you appeared and looked around
Found the grandest star up in the East

Hey, but I don't see no halo
Just a little girl with a lot of gold
Want one more trinket for her golden scene

Aah, but you got a hot one hangin', kid
Don't let him say you never did
You best be my guest, make it rain

Aah, make it rain
Babe, make it rain
Make it rain
Oh, make it rain


Kylie said...

This is a great choice :)
I have loved this song most of my life.
I can remember playing it over and over when I was little and I still love this song just as much now.
Hugs and Kisses
from Kylie xxxoooxxx

Danny G. said...

Its a great tune that I've never heard until now. Glad you enjoyed!

Danny G.

Kylie said...

Hi Danny :)
I love the lyrics so much and the hip way Dean sings this.
I liken it to some of Deans other great songs, for instance Gentle on my Mind.
I know Glen wrote and recorded Gentle on my Mind but Dean made it his own song.
I don`t know if what I heard is correct, but I heard Gentle on my Mind went to number one in England.
Make it Rain may not have been a hit for Dean but it`s such a great song.
Hugs and Kisses
from Kylie xxxoooxxx