Sunday, May 16, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "If Love Is Good To Me"

 Welcome back, mi amici! 

Welcome to a 'nother BEA U TI FUL Spring day & welcome to 'nother life lesson with our one & ONLY, Dino! I love this time of year, pals! 

I know youse already know this, but WOW! 

It just seems to OOZE Life...Love...& Dean Martin tunes! Haha!! 

Seriously though, my friends...these are the best days to me. 

The world is in full bloom! The birds are tweetin'...the sun is shinin'...& Dino is flowin' through my speakers. 

He's sorta leadin' the way, actually.  

Guidin' us through this crazy & COM PLETE LY unpredictable life we is livin'. 

Singin' his words of praise for the simple thins' in life. 

The BEST & MOST precious thins', pallies!  

We have to 'member, my friends...not to get caught up in all the negative stuff. 

Enjoy these sunny, easy breezy days. Look for the good stuff, pals. Thins' always work themselves out! One way or 'nother...we get through. 

So, all that bein' said...Allow me to play youse a tune...a VERY smooth & inspirational tune...that keeps me focused, pals. 

Anytime thins' just ain't goin' the way I wish they was goin'...which is most of the time, Haha...this jam will help me gets back on track! 

Today's Serenade, "If Love is Good to Me", will set the stage. 

It will be a guidin' light & play by play plan. 

Keep your mind optimistic, my friends. Listen to the lyrics & follow Dean's simple, happy words of wisdom! 

He knew how live, pals. 

Just stay the course & NEVER waste your GOOD energy...on UGLY problems! 

Throw on some Dino & let life happen! 

Dean's got you! 


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