Sunday, May 02, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Amor Mio"

 Man o man, THIS is Spring! 

BEA U TI FUL blue skies & warm, gentle breezes just breezin' 'round! 

These are the days I live for, mi amici. 

Even the very air I'm breathin' today silently SCREAMS Spring! Haha!! "Silently screams?" Is that even possible, pallies? Ha! Well...that's how it feels to me, anyway. 

All a day like this be the soft, silky croon of our man amongst men, Dino! 

Now, my friends...I know I don't need to tell youse this...but...when you mix warm, Springtime weather...with Dean's easy-listenin', swoonin' type croon...youse just can't help but gettin' that feelin' that L.O.V.E is in the air. 

After all, pals...Spring IS the season of amore! 

Agree? doubt. 

This is the time of year when all new & wonderful thins' start to happen, my friends. Start to bloom. 

Flowers...trees...and yes, even romance! Haha!! 

Well...get out there! 

Thins' is finally startin' to get a little better. Hopefully it continues to move forward & life let's us get back to livin'! 

OK...'nough from me. Let's get to this week's Serenade! 

Picked us a cool cool & romantico Dino-jam. 

Haven't heard this one in a lonnnng time, pals. 

I think it's gonna get all my fellow Dino-philes floatin' on air & put some stars in your eyes. 

Dino just has that affect on us. 

Found this one on a 1973 vinyl 45. Released on Reprise. "Amor Mio". 

Can't waits' to get this one spinnin', pallies! 

Let it play over & over...& inhale every note! 
This is the GOOD stuff! 

Enjoy, my friends! 

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