Sunday, December 27, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "A Winter Romance"

 Well, we are. 

'Nother Dino-Winter Month is windin' down. 

What a crazy time it's been, huh pals? 

'Nother Dino-Departure Day has passed, as well. What a special, yet bittersweet, anniversary. 

Man...25 years have flown by. 

I 'member exactly where I was when I heard the news...Dino passed. Ugh. Felt empty. Like I just lost a friend I had known all my life, but hadn't seen for a long while. 

Oh well. That's how it works, mi amici. Souls come & go. Some just leave more of an impression. 

I've been PERMANENTLY a good our pal, Dean. 

Never to be the same...& never regrettin' a second. 

Dino has helped mold me into the crazy, silly fella I am! Haha!! That's a GREAT thin', pallies! Proud to say that Dino inspires me everyday! 

Let's move forward... into the new year... with Dean in mind... always proud to be who we are, pals o mine! Dino-holics! Haha!! 

Today's tune, "A Winter Romance", kinda sums it all up & is a perfecto end to Dino-Winter Month Sunday Serenades 2020. 

We ALL have a romance with a way. He's my pal, my mentor & my inspiration. That's a kinda romance. Maybe a Bro-mance! Hahaha!!! Whateva' youse wanna call it...he's my man! 

Let's leave the month & year off knowin' that this comin' year will be BETTER! 

Here's to you, Dean Martin! R.I.P pallie. & Thank you. 

See youse in 2021, pals! Ciao!

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