Sunday, January 03, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm"


Man o man, pals...we made it! 

WOW! 'Nother CRAZY year has come & gone! 

Wasn't an easy one either! Ups & Downs...Good & Bad...Happy & Sad. Well, my friends...we DID make it! So...Welcome to our numero uno Sunday Serenade of a NEW & HOPEFULLY much better year!! 

I'm thinkin' it's gotta get life back in order. 

It's GONNA get us back to a new & improved "normal". 

Much COOLER...Much more DINO-er, than ever!!! Ha! 

Let's jump into this one with positive vibes & Dean's swagger in mind! Real cool, baby! I

'm gettin' pumped just thinkin' 'bout it, pallies! Haha!! 

Oh, & before I forget, pals...I just wanted to say how COOL it was to hear from 2 more of our faithful Dino-minions...Ed & Scott. Miss hearin' from youse fellas! 

Can't see or post comments without DMP, unfortunately. But it's great to know youse guys are still followin' our humble little blog. 

I'll keep doin' my part 'til the return of our fearless leader. 

Now, mi amici...this year ...I'm feelin'...will DEF I NATE LY be one Hell of a comeback for us. 

Will still take some time...but, WILL be THE bestest year yet, my friends! I can just feel Dean's presence in the air! 

So...all that bein' said...we need a REAL smooth tune to ease us into 2021. 

Gotta be SWINGIN' yet CHILLIN'! HOT yet very COOL! Somethin' to warm our blood durin' these cold cold wintery days & nights. 

Got it!!! 

What jam better to heat us up & kick thins' off...than "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm"?!!! Perfecto! 

Man! I am SO SO enthusiastically lookin' forward to 2021! 

I just have such GREAT GREAT vibes for ALL us Dino-holics here at THE AB SO LUTE COOLEST of the COOLEST Dino-blogs on the net! 

So,let's turn it up, pallies! 

It's a new year & time to start fresh! 

Let's get thins' swingin' like never before! 

Happy New Year, pals...SALUTE!

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