Friday, July 17, 2015

Here he is...Dean Martin as Super Agent Matt Helm!! And, he's for sale on Ebay

Hey pallies, likes as we were doin' our usual couple of dozen of pages of google Dino-blog searchin', one of the listin's we came 'cross was for our pallie "Geronimo" who has created those wonderful action figures of our Dino that he has posted at the blog  "ONESIXWARRIORS.COM."

Faithful readers of ilovedinomartin will remember that over the course of time "Geronimo" has done an awesomely amazin' collection of our most beloved Dino includin' a wonderful series based on the Dino-show, our Dino's comedic partnership with Mr. Jerry Lewis, our Dino and Mr. Frank Sinatra,  and our most fav of fav...our Dino as swingin' secret agent Matt Helm in Helmer numero duo "Murders Row."  Likes, if you type in the term "Geronimo" in the ilovedinomartin search engine you will come 'cross all the powerful pictorial posts from all of his Dino-centric efforts.

Well, likes, as we send, today when we came 'cross a listin' for one of our pallie "Geronimo" Dino-efforts, we just seem so directed to check it out in the hopes that we woulda finds somethin' new.
Likes, what we found was a link that "Geronimo" had created to ebay where earlier in July he put up for sale on Ebay his most awesome Matt Helm Dino-figure with that of a figure of Miss Ann Margret playin'   Suzy Solaris.  Likes it is bargain priced at only  $179.99 for the set,  We only wishes that we had the bread to make the purchase ourselves 'cause what coulda be cooler then playin' Matt Helm with these awesome action figures?!?!?!?!

Below is the postin' with a wonderful collage of Dino-poses with Miss Ann Margret.  Some lucky Dino-holic is goin' to have themselves one blast of a time playin' Matt Helm with his professionally created figures!  To checks this out in it's page on Ebay, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-desirin', DMP

1/6 Dean Martin Ann Margret Matt Helm Custom Figure Rat Pack Collectable Dvd Cd

Item condition: New

Price:US $179.99

Here he is...Dean Martin as Super Agent Matt Helm!!

This custom figure comes with:

- A fantastic, one of a kind, likeness of Dean. Professionally sculpted and painted.
- Mod Burgundy Suit, turtleneck and shoes to match the film
- Walter PPK pistol
- High quality wooden stand


- Ann Margret is included as well!

Also included will be a leopard skin rug (seen in the collage). None of the drinks or backgrounds are included. I will tell you though, you will have fun supplying these two with them!

A great gift for that classic movie, Dean Martin or Rat Pack fan!

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DeansPalley said...

No offense but the Matt Helm doll's face makes him look constipated!! Not a real good likeness of Dean. IMO