Sunday, October 14, 2012

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Captured"

O man pals...I am flippin' out on today's Serenade!!! This tune GOTTA get youse movin' & groovin'! I don't know where "Captured" came from...kinda just found ME!!! But man o man...It got it's hooks in your ol' pal!!!

Now listen pallies...youse gotta feel for our Dino on this one. Seems some swingin' broad has lured him in & completely takin' control of ALL his senses!!! He tried to fight it...he tried to stay away!!! It just wasn't happenin'!!! "I can't back track there's no track back!!!" Ha ha I love it!!!

Well pals...let's listen & see if Dean gets away from those burnin' lips! The spell of a bea u ti ful dame is a HARD one to break! Ciao!     

I tried to get away from your burning lips
I didn't want to play with your burning lips
I tried to get away from the flame but the flame tossed my heart
And I'm captured yes I'm captured
I'm enraptured by your charms
I can't hold out I've been sold out
By the thrills I found locked in your arms
The moment that our eyes met I realized
Another moment more and I'd be hypnotized
I tried to turn away from your eyes but your eyes held me fast
And I'm captured yes I'm captured
There is nothing I can do
I can't back track there's no track back
I am yours heaven open it's doors
And as I wandered through
(Captured by you)
Captured by you
(I couldn't get away get away from you)


Always On Watch said...

On the Capitol label?

I looked up the song and found the release date. But the song is more-or-less new to me. Maybe I should pull out my vinyls and take a look.

Danny G. said...

Hey Ms.AOW I couldn't locate where or when this great great tune hails from either!!! Only thins' I knows for sure is that its completely swingin'! Hope you enjoyed this find!

Kylie said...

Great song :)
I liked this the very first time I heard it :)
One of Deans rare ones
Recorded 18th February 1957
The B Side of another great Dino song, The Man Who Plays the Mandolino.

Danny G. said...

Hi Kylie! Glad you enjoy this great one as much as me! Thanks for the info too!