Monday, August 22, 2011

Who is the coolest person? – Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-post is puttin' the hugest of huge Dino-buddhagrin on my face, 'cause likes I am absolutely diggin' Mr. Barry Shereshevsky's provocative question, "Who Is The Coolest Person?", and likes his absolutely perfect evocative answer, Dean Martin!

From Shereskevsky's self-tagged blog pad, "Fine Art Blog from Barry Shereshevsky," comes overflowin' Dino-devotion from Barry's pen. Shereshevsky has quite the impressive list of reasons why our Dino is the coolest of the cool...and likes he includes two outstandin' Dino-vids from the Dino-show to further enhance his Dino-reflections.

Likes there are both great Dino-clips pallies, but likes the first is truly truly one of my Dino-favs 'cause simply digs our amazin' Dino's jokin' to begin the vid and then he launches into absolutely one of my all time fav Dino-tunes..."Lay Some Happiness On Me,"....'cause likes pallies that is exactly what our Dino does...he is always always layin' some happiness on all of his Dino-devoted pallies!

Likes ilovedinomartin sends out our bestest of best Dino-appreciato to Mr. Barry Shereshevsky for so openly and devotedly sharin' his Dino-adualation with all his readership...certain to bring others into the Dino-fold of deep, pure, and true Dino-devotion! To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. Dino-cooled, DMP

btw pallies, is there any doubt in any of our pallies Dino-minds that the answer to Mr. Shereshevsky closin' quire, "Who is the coolest person you remember?" always has been, always will be our most most beloved Dino!

Fine Art Blog from Barry Shereshevsky

Who is the coolest person? – Dean Martin

August 17, 2011 Barry Shereshevsky

Just take a break and think about who you think is or was the coolest person that comes to mind.

I was just listening to a couple of Dean Martin tracks and I imagine he must’ve been known around town as one of the coolest guys for so many reasons.

He was a man’s man as well as was always seen with some of the most beautiful women to ever grace our planet.

He drove very cool cars. Sang tunes with the greatest of ease and was very funny. His Variety show was a hit for years and he always seemed to be having the time of his life with his guests and regulars.

Dino in a moment enjoying a smoke and probably listening to a fresh track.

Who is the coolest person you remember?

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