Sunday, August 21, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Duetin' With Dino"

Hey pals, got a nice little medley for this week's Serenade. Figured now would be a perfect time for nother' "Duetin' with Dino". I had the pleasure of seein' an old friend of our great man's last Sunday at the Cape Cod Melody Tent. Mr. Tony Bennett.

I seen a clip of Mr. Bennett a couple of weeks ago and he was talkin' with Michael Buble bout' all the great singers that he looked up to and that todays singers should too. Of course the first name he mentioned was none other than Mr. Dean Martin.

I had the pleasure of meetin' & chattin' with Tony last year at the show but regretted not askin' bout his friendship with Dino. I was really hopin' to get the chance this year. Unfortunately folks, didn't get the opportunity to speak with Mr. B this time round'. Maybe next year!

Anyways pals, here's a little clip of these two great singers duetin' some great old classics! Of course, Dean over shadows Mr. B in the all around entertainment catagory, but Tony's still terriffic and one of the last great crooners who rubbed shoulders with our great great pal...the one & ONLY...Dean Martin. Enjoy!

Danny G.

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Anonymous said...

That would have been wonderful meeting Tony Bennett.
Dean and Tony worked great together in this clip