Monday, May 16, 2011

A whole lot of singin', a whole lot of laughin', a whole lot of lovin' from Dean...

Hey pallies, Dino-mania is truly truly gonna be bustin' out all over the 'net as the days approacheth for release of Time-Life's releases of the Best of the Dino-show on DVDs. Just this past weekend as I was doin' a bit of Dino-searchin' for more info on dem comin' Dino-discs our Dino led me to a cache of promo Dino-vids on youtube.

There they were 15-count 'em-15 short Dino-segments created by the Time-Life pallies to whet all our Dino-appetites for the comin' Dino-releases. Each of the Dino-teasers begins with Dino's gals, the Golddiggers proclaimin' the Dino'truth...

"Don't touch your dial, keep it right where it's at.
There's somethin' big comin' up on your screen.
Just settle back and relax, because your gonna get
....a whole lot of singin'
....a whole lot of laughin'
....a whole lot of lovin' from Dean!"

And likes pallies that is exactly what is gonna be packed in each and every one of these Time-Life Dino-treasures.

Over the course of the next few, ilovedinomartin will be sharin' a few of these Dino-segments for all your Dino-viewin' Dino-pleasure.

Today's trio of teasers begins with a oh so brief sketch between our great man and the great singer/dancer Miss Juliet Prouse when in the midst of Miss Juliet teachin' our Dino a wee bit 'bout ballet our Dino makes funny 'bout his briefs!

The second clip needs no intro pallies 'cause likes it's that famous sketch between our Dino, Mr. Jimmy Stwart, and Mr. Orson Welles" gettin' their hair done in the beauty salon...truly truly one great Dino-classic.

Third on today's Dino-bill is 'nother great moment between our lovin' Dino and Mr. Phil Silvers...while our Dino sings serious 'bout lovin', Mr. Phil speaks of his affection for our Dino...and the embrace at the end is likes just to funny for words.

So pallies, sits back and enjoys gettin' teased by our Dino. Hats off to the very wise pallies at Time-Life for creatin' these Dino-moments to gets all Dino-holics so so psyched up 'bout the upcomin' Dino-show releases. Indeed Dino-mania is gonna breaks out pallies! Dino-'cited! DMP


Danny G. said...

True classics pallie! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Danny G.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Danny G. you sez it dude...simply can't wait to get my hands on these Dino-classics...keeps lovin' our Dino dude!

Levi said...

Seen these b4 but they are great and they will have better picture

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, exactly Deanager Levi...the pixs on all these Dino-teasers are so much more Dino-delightful....keeps lovin' our Dino pallie Levi!