Thursday, May 12, 2011

The man oozed class and style

Hey pallies, today's Dino-find 'gain points the way to provin' without a doubt that Dino-admiration is likes totally totally Dino-universal. Today's Dino-adulation is
from the blog "The Man In The White Hat."

Likes who is this dude that shows so much affection for our great man? Well searchin' this dude's bio turns up that he is currently located in Dublin, Ireland, but his profile tells us many interestin' thin's 'bout this Dino-holic. Now likes normally, ilovedinomartin doesn't print a blogger's bio, but this White Hat dude seems to have mucho in common with our beloved Dino, so likes I thinks you will all enjoy readin' it....

Who is The Man in the White Hat?

"I am an IT professional who was formerly a casino manager, an electrician, a publican and a manager of an import department for one of the leading transport companies. I have travelled all over Europe from West to East and back again. I am English, speak English, look English and drink tea like an Englishman should. I have been married more than once, divorced more than once and I have had more than one beautiful girlfriend. I am known as a bit of a drinker, hopefully in the Dean Martin mode rather than the wino on the park bench. I plan to retire to Greece within the next 5 years so if anyone has an old stone house that they don't want let me know."

Likes trust all you Dino-philes to have found several similarities to our amazin' Dino. The patter below is pretty standard Dino-fare, but challenges all you pallies to findin' the glarin' error shared by Mr. White Hat dude.

Seems this guy does plan to share more of the Dino-story and do some editin' as stay tuned for more from this Dino-holic! Does so love how White Hat blogger sez 'bout our beloved Dino..."The man oozed class and style." That simply and purely is the absolute Dino-truth. And, likes pallies, be sure to check out the Dino-vid WH has posted and the otehrs that one can ascess as Dino-well....likes total total Dino-pleasure!

Thanks to Mr. White Hat for spreadin' some Dino-happiness at his blog and helpin' others become Dino-addicted. To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram. Dino-loved, DMP

Dean Martin

I spent 30 years of my life wearing a bow tie and evening dress, no I wasn't the waiter at the local bistro or the bouncer at the disco. I was working in casinos, first as a croupier and later as a manager, but although I reckon on most evenings I looked quite smart there is only one person that can wear that get up and look like it was made just for him..

Yes, we all recognize Dean Martin as that man.

This Italian crooner who was born in Steubenville, Ohio, USA was loved by the women but was also the man every other man wanted to be. This immaculate man about town who would in later life hobnob with members of the senate and be able to call President Reagan one of his closest pals started off in a very different world.

At the age of 15 Dean became a prizefighter who went by the name of Kid Crochet (pronounced Crocket). After 12 bare-knuckle fights in which he won 11 and suffered a broken nose, a badly cut lip and broken knuckles he moved on to a more respectable career.

Yes, Dean became a croupier in an illegal casino.

Luckily for the world of music he also started singing in local joints and started making a name for himself.

The year was 1943 and he was now in his early 20's, he was booked to take over from another young singer at a New York nightclub. He bombed and the fact that he flopped so badly became a standing joke between these two singers, Dean and a certain Frank Sinatra had met for the first time.

The following year Dean was drafted into the army but discharged a year later as unfit and returned to his singing career. Rumours abound that he was helped with early bookings by his connections to the Mafia but if there is any truth in those rumours it does not reflect on his ability to sing a song and hold a tune.

To be continued (and edited of course)

The man oozed class and style

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