Wednesday, May 18, 2011

even even more laughin' and lovin' from Dean!

Hey pallies, likes here are a few more delightful vid teasers with our beloved Dino and his steller ensemble of guest stars.

Up first, our Dino is a court room judge where he declares that Officer Mr. Paul Lynde is the "buster" and Defendent Miss Debbie Reynolds is the "bustee."

Next we have our Dino and Mr. Gene Kelly gettin' barbered by the likes of Mr. Dom DeLuise and Mr. Nipsey Russell. Dom is all in favor of gettin' back to nature....purple mountains majesty and fruited planes. When our Dino wonders what's a fruited for Gene's answer.

Today's last Dino-clip has Mr. Jack Benny surrounded by his own version of the Ding-a-lings. Checks out Benny's response when our great man asks Jack why he didn't wanna use our Dino's chicks.

Certainly some more fantastic fav moments of Dino-laughter from the great Dean Martin Variety Show. Checks back tomorrow for one more installment of Dino-fun as we await that glorious day when the new Time-Life Dino-discs gets release to Dino-holics everywhere! Dino-loved, DMP

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