Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dean Martin - Forever Cool: Pollard Banknote acquires licensing rights from the Dean Martin family trust

Hey pallies, accordin' to the Dinoarticle it looks like our Dino is gonna gets into the gamin' gig likes great to see our Dino bein' promoted in more and more Dinoways...this is bound to bring even more pallies to know and loves our great man. If you would likes to read this Dinoannouncement in it's original format, as always, just clicks on the tagg of this Dinopost. Dinoreportin', DMP

Dean Martin - Forever Cool: Pollard Banknote acquires licensing rights from the Dean Martin family trust
WINNIPEG, Oct. 30 /CNW/ - In a deal with the Dean Martin Family Trust,
Pollard Banknote has secured the U.S. and Canadian licensing rights to market
instant games based on the broad appeal of Dean Martin, the King of Cool.
No other entertainment superstar brings together easygoing charm, playful
wit, and gracious humility as seamlessly as the media-acclaimed "coolest man
who ever lived." Sixty-five years after his debut at New York's Riobamba Club,
Dean Martin's contributions to modern entertainment via his legendary music,
stage, film, and television career are evidenced by his popularity with over
50 million records sold worldwide, 35 top-ten singles, 250 magazine-cover
appearances, 55 films, and 61 TV shows.
"Music's powerful ability to trigger emotions and attract players makes
it the ultimate marketing tool. And no one tops Dean Martin when it comes to
class, recognition, and staying power," said Sina Aiello, Director, Licensed
Products, Pollard Banknote. "From his career breakthrough in 1943 to his Las
Vegas Rat Pack heydays in the 1960s, Dean Martin's influence on the
entertainment world is legendary. Today, with an iTunes Top 5 CD, he remains
just as relevant as he was nearly 45 years ago when he outsold The Beatles at
the height of Beatlemania."
As hip as ever, his music is featured in many popular films, such as
Swingers, Return To Me, and Mickey Blue Eyes, hit TV shows like "Friends,"
"ER," and "Las Vegas," and in numerous commercials. 'Dean Martin - Forever
Cool,' 2007's posthumous hit CD/DVD, includes diverse new duets with
contemporary hit-makers, among them Martina McBride, Joss Stone, and
Robbie Williams.
The Dean Martin brand fits perfectly with Pollard Banknote's array of
nostalgia-inspired properties and offers an abundance of promotional options -
from CD collections and DVDs to grand prize and second chance draw
possibilities incorporating home theatre packages and exclusive VIP trips to
Las Vegas.
Pollard Banknote offers a completely integrated marketing solution for
licensed games, including ticket design and manufacturing, prize structure
consultation, merchandise selection and fulfillment, publicity and promotional
opportunities, and second chance draw process management (including all
customer service, Internet marketing, and post-game analysis).


Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

Neat post Dino Martin Peters.

It reminded me that Dean was a star of stage - TV screen and the movies.

Man - he did it all and did it all well.

Thanks for posting this interesting post.

Glenn Bishop

Keith said...

Hey pallie DMP. Sounds cool to me. Anything to promote our Dino and the Dinomessage is fine by me. I think this fits in perfectly with who Dino is. Cheers!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Glenn, always glad to help 'nother pallie think cool Dinothoughts..yeah our Dino does it all...ands now promotin' Dinogamin'...what will our Dino be up to next?

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, quites Dinoagree with you cool to have a Dino-tie-in to the world of gamin'...and spreadin' the Dinomessage at the same Dinotime...