Monday, June 02, 2008

Is It True? Was There Truly Such A Person As Dean Martin?

Hey pallies, I loves the evocative Dinoquestion that this piece of Dinoprose speaks..."Is It True? Was There Truly Such A Person As Dean Martin?" While I have a few differences with the writer of this, I find that in most ways I loves how this dude expresses his Dinolove....loves to hear your Dinothoughts on this. If you wanna read the Dinopost in it's original Dinoform just click on the tag of this Dinopost....

Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams
This is the ultimate biography of Dean Martin, the sleepy-voiced pop crooner and movie star who was actually one of the outstanding all-around entertainers of the century, and the personification of the complete entertainer that Sinatra could only aspire to be. Though remembered for starring with Jerry Lewis to form one of the most popular comedy teams in movie history, and viewed as a Vegas parody by the younger generation, Dean Martin was, in his extended heyday, the ONLY entertainer to succeed in all four major areas of show business: records, movies, television and the concert stage. Bob Hope and Danny Kaye are not huge record-sellers. Crosby and Sinatra never made it on television (not counting Specials). Dinah Shore, Nat Cole, Perry Cozmo, Andy Williams, Tony Bennett, and Michael Jackson, among many others, never made it in the movies. The only man to do it all is Dean Martin: 55 motion pictures, some of them very good; nearly 80 long-playing record albums, many of them Gold Records; the most popular TV variety show of all time, which turned Thursday night at 10 pm into a sacred hour for millions across the country; and a long night club and Las Vegas concert career. As a crooner who sang to the men in his audiences so they would not be jealous of their women swooning over him, he nevertheless appealed to both men and women and had an uncanny knack of drawing the audience into his own world, which is what popular singing is all about. And, as a two-decade box office powerhouse under two separate persons, Martin was, said former partner Lewis, "the most underrated performer in the history of our business." Furthermore, it was Dean Martin who first did what no one else could do at the time ¨C knock the Beatles out of the top spot on the pop charts. He had been Elvis Presley¡¯s first major singing idol, the young King of Rock and Roll gluing in to the finger-snapping swing and wink of the eye with which Dean sang, and whose ballad hits like Love Me Tender copied Martin's bedroom-voiced diction; yet when Everybody Loves Somebody hit No. 1 in 1964, Dean sent Elvis a telegram: "If you can't handle the Beatles, I can." But, on the flip side, he was not a wonderful human being. This is a fascinating portrait of a man who had it all ¨C money, fame, women ¨C and didn't give a damn about any of it. Even as he wallowed in the excesses of Hollywood and the Rat Pack, Martin stayed critically aloof from that world, albeit often in a booze-and-pill- addled haze. He got into showbiz precisely because it required so little effort, and few could impress him outside of his early singing idols, Bing Crosby and, most importantly, the Mills Brothers. While Frank Sinatra would do anything just to hang out with reputed Mafioso, the Mob had to make special trips to ask Martin in person to play a show at one of their casinos. Dosages' portrait, written only a few years before Martin's death on Christmas morning1995, depicts its subject as nothing so much as a Zen master without the spiritual anchor; after sampling everything that life had to offer and finding it lacking, and having lost his revered son, Dino Jr., Martin spent the last years of his life waiting to die in virtual seclusion. Only a handful of showbiz biographers can lay claim to processing true literary acumen, but Nick Dosages is one of these writers, and his unauthorized biography of Martin stands as a testament to his genius. Several inimitable sequences in which Dosages adopts his subject's perspective (most of which are regrettably unsuitable for quotation here) make the book a real standout. Not only that, Dosages brings the Twentieth Century together in one 572 page package, tracing popular culture to the one point at which everything and everyone converged - Dean Martin! In the future people will read this book and wonder
"Is it true? Was there truly such a person as Dean Martin?"
Dosages has wound up reality so tightly with this book that once you've read it you may feel the need to reread it every few months or so before it all begins to...unravel. This is the hardback edition with some wear around the edges of the dust jacket, but this book is in excellent used condition. The pages inside are clean, unmarked, and undamaged. Item will not be shipped until payment has been received ( i.e., Payola payment or money order received, or checks cleared). Payment is due within 7 days of auction's end at which time, if payment has not been received, the item will be reenlisted and a non-paying bidder alert will be sent without any further notice. When possible, multiple items will be shipped together to reduce shipping costs. I will ship internationally with prior approval. If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact me BEFORE placing your bid. Also due to interned piracy I will not answer emails unless they are directed through an item # of mine which will direct it through Bay¡¯s secure site. Buyer pays for shipping. I do not unnecessarily inflate shipping and handling costs. Books and videos will be sent by MEDIA MAIL unless otherwise requested and paid for. Other types of items weighing more than 13 ounces will be shipped Priority Mail. For this item, US Buyers pay $3.50 shipping - includes Putt Rico, Guam, APO, FPO etc. Canadian Buyers pay $4.00 shipping. International buyers must pay appropriate rates for shipping, to be determined depending on location (will check with U.S. Post Office before issuing Invoice). BID WITH CONFIDENCE & review my feedback. ***** 100% quality assurance.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I think sometimes it does seem hard that someone ever existed quite like Dean Martin. Was there really someone who was the King of Cool, Master of Hip, and the Ruler or Randy? Was there someone who oozed coolness, confidence, charm, etc. like no other? Was there someone who mastered records, movies, the stage, and the tv? Of course, the answer to these and all such questions is YES!!! That man is Dean Martin. There will never be anybody quite like Dino. He's one of a kind. We can only thank God that we were gifted with this great man. Even though he passed on over a decade ago, he lives on through the magic of technology. We can listen to him and watch him. We can gain insights, words of wisdom, etc. on how to live a Dinowonderful life. Welcome to my world. Those were the words spoken by our Dino. That's the world I want to live in. Yes, there is a person named Dean Martin.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, dude like all I can say is Dinowow...this is such a stellar Dinocomment on this cool piece of Dinoprose...your true Dinodevotion shines so Dinothrough and through...loves it so very is such a Dinohonor to like call you pallie!!!!